APTEI Report & Library Subscription

(Subscribers may access the¬†APTEI Reports in the “Clinical Library” section of this web site.)

It is always challenging for full time clinicians, to find the time and the ‘energy’ to browse through various medical journals and read full articles. My intention is to share clinically valuable studies, summarized in a quick and easy to read format, anticipating that the information will directly improve your patient care and your patient outcomes.

Although I sincerely believe researching and writing the reports for my colleagues is valuable to our profession, there is a significant high cost involved in printing, distribution of each report and maintaining the web site.

Future quarterly issues of the APTEI Report will be mailed to you when you subscribe. With your subscription, you will also receive full and unlimited access to the APTEI “Clinical Library”.

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Download Sample COMPLIMENTARY Report
Download Sample COMPLIMENTARY Report