Here are what some real physiotherapists / physical therapists have said about APTEI programs. No, they were not paid to say any of this!

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  • As a new grad the APTEI lumbar course boosted my confidence in assessment and treatment by 100%. Thank you.

    Katrina McLoughlin, PT
  • The information presented helps me clear out the "non-essential" info which makes our clinical lives easier.

    Melissa Aitken, PT
  • “Great energy throughout the course…. very professional & very well run. Look forward to taking future APTEI courses.”

    Waleed Abdel-Razek, PT
  • “ I greatly appreciate Bahram’s knowledge and enthusiasm. I leave Bahram’s courses confident with knowledge and skills …I look forward to integrating them into my practice.”

    Michelle Monk, PT
  • Based on this course and learning the evidence-based behind treating low back pain, I will be changing my approach to assessment and treatment. I am very excited to put this information into clinical practice.

    Marcel MacDonald, PT
  • I very much appreciate the evidence based nature of the course, as a MacMaster grad we are taught to look to the evidence and outcome measures. This course was consistent with how we are taught and therefore very applicable.

    Sara Miller, PT
  • A fantastic course to pull together and make sense of numerous sources of low back pain and their appropriate treatment. Highly recommended!

    Michele Paradoski, PT
  • I really enjoy the time, effort and enthusiasm that Bahram Jam gives to the Physiotherapy profession. I would (and do) recommend his courses. Our profession would be in better shape if all PTs applied evidence-based practice.

    Laura Lee Mullin, PT
  • Bahram Jam provided me with strategies and techniques that I could apply to my patients Monday morning.

    Samantha Plested, PT
  • As a new grad the APTEI lumbar course boosted my confidence in assessment and treatment by 100%. Thank you.

    Katrina McLoughlin, PT
  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for physiotherapy.

    Lisa Leveque, PT
  • Thank you - your passion and enthusiasm about physiotherapy is contagious!

    Jessica Courteau, PT
  • I will be able to apply the course material into the clinic –life changing

    Martine Patterson, PT
  • Fantastic course! Evidence based with clinical application to immediately impact direct patient care.

    Barry Johnson, PT
  • I enjoy the courses as there are no extra technical background, only relevant information is taught.

    Kelly Wicks, PT
  • Fantastic 4-day course that I have immediately applied to my practice.

    Jenna Estey, PT
  • Every time I take an APTEI course I feel like a better physio and can immediately impact someone’s therapy positively.

    Marli Cline, PT
  • Bahram’s courses interactive and fun, which keep everyone very interested.

    Cortney Kanerva, PT
  • APTEI courses are fun and at the same time very informative.

    Anne Romero, PT
  • Excellent and practical courses.

    Peter Lanni, PT
  • If you are feeling that you are hitting a dead end in your PT practice, do APTEI courses. The courses open up your horizons.

    Adhira Mahajan, PT
  • My first course with APTEI, but definitely won’t be my last.

    Noel Pulido, PT
  • I am going to be a much more creative physio after doing this course; an amazing experience.

    Aiju Lu, PT
  • I enjoy every aspect of the APTEI courses – meeting other colleagues, learning and applying new techniques readily into my practice.

    Xiaoli Ma, PT
  • I love APTEI courses. I always leave the course feeling more confident as a therapist.

    Layoma Gray, PT
  • Your ability as a clinician will improve over night after taking APTEI courses.

    Shant Mardirossiaan, PT
  • Excellent courses. I recommend all PTs to take APTEI courses.

    Ravinderjeet Sran, PT
  • All the techniques taught on the course were excellent and can be used the next day. I recommend courses by Dr. Jam to all physiotherapists.

    Ravinder Kaur, PT
  • I’ve always enjoyed the Bahram Jam’s casual, light approach and his knowledge base.

    Cygni Brown, PT
  • The practicality and immediate clinical incorporation of the material is appreciated.

    Chrissy Woodcock, PT
  • Bahram Jam is a gifted teacher in this field (Physiotherapy).

    Jung Kim, PT
  • Upon completion of APTEI courses, I feel comfortable applying the techniques that I have learned immediately to my daily practice.

    Farah Mawany, PT
  • Very practical to my work and I enjoyed the way the material was taught.

    Josiane Mercier, PT
  • The course was easy to understand and follow (even as a French speaking PT), very dynamic instructor.

    Helene Simard, PT
  • Very dynamic and knowledgeable instructor... good supportive evidence with a balance of theory and practical activities.

    Daniel Fitch, PT
  • It was an excellent course. Thank you so much.

    France Gamache, PT
  • Pertinent, practical and immediately applicable.

    Alex Volant, PT
  • Thank you, excellent teacher, excellent course.

    Melissa Normendin, PT
  • Very applicable to my practice as the course refined my manual skills.

    Daniel Yoon, PT
  • Always a fun-filled day. Learned a lot and perfected techniques I have already been using in the clinic. Great course!

    George Cardenas, PT
  • I always look forward to your courses because I have several patients in mind to try the new techniques on.

    Sarah Marshall, PT
  • Your teaching style facilitates learning.

    Jamie Young, PT
  • Great techniques that can be applied to so many different patient populations …and immediately!

    Mariam Salma, PT
  • Humour makes the practical skills more memorable.

    Chris Peppiatt, PT
  • Great time spent remembering the art behind our profession.

    Mary Hanna, PT
  • Excellent combination of clinical reasoning and practical skills presented in an enthusiastic manner.

    Mary Hanna, PT
  • A reminder how much I enjoy, benefit and appreciate a fun, hands on and revisit of orthopaedics.

    Angie Andreoli, PT (Neuro)
  • It was one of the best courses I’ve taken. Simple, practical and these techniques work

    Svetlana Knorr, PT
  • Wonderful Thoracic course! Very applicable to my practice (ABI out-patient and geriatrics).

    Meghan Marcil, PT
  • As a physio I feel more competent in treating my patients after APTEI courses.

    Anne Faye Romero, PT
  • I am very glad that I have attended this excellent APTEI course.

    Fozy Jose, PT
  • Always fun, informative and very practical courses! Thanks.

    Micheline Najm, PT
  • Really entertaining course. The techniques were easy to do and really applicable to my patients.

    Catherine Mireault-Germain, PT
  • As always very dynamic and easily applicable course.

    Magli Freve-Marchand, PT
  • I really enjoyed the was very enjoyable and fun.

    Veronique Prevot, PT
  • The course material is immediately applicable, functional and evidence-based.

    Casey Swan, PT
  • I learnt a lot during the course and I am certain it will help me treat my patients better. Thank you!

    Nazima Kazi, PT
  • It was a great learning experience. I loved it

    Kumar Patel, PT
  • Thank you for validating some of my thoughts and backing it up with research.

    Joanne Holloway Wilson, PT
  • This was the best course I have taken since graduation. I feel so much more confident with treating the low back pain.

    James Campbell, PT
  • I recommend Bahram Jam’s courses to all Physios.

    Kristen Shea, PT
  • I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot ...can’t wait to do another course.

    Ashley Grant-MacDonald, PT
  • APTEI courses are straightforward and give participants the hands on experience to effectively treat patients with a multitude of orthopaedic conditions.

    Blythe Martin, PT
  • Bahram Jam’s passion for teaching and research is contagious.

    Leanne Huck, PT
  • I learned great hands-on techniques that I feel confident to use tomorrow

    Renee Leger, PT
  • Definitely increased my confidence in assessing and treating cervical conditions.

    Amanda Garvie, PT
  • Very practical and clinically applicable

    Trevor Dunphy, PT
  • Great Evidence based course that will make an immediate impact on my patients.

    Daniel Wilk, PT
  • The hands-on therapies I have learned in APTEI courses have helped me a lot in my practice

    Riza Dizon, PT
  • A great course that includes evidence-based techniques that can be immediately applied in practice.

    Danny Carter, PT
  • The 4-day courses benefit any PT with any level of experience as the most up to date evidence-based material is taught.

    Vi Cao, PT
  • Bahram Jam is a very engaging and informative instructor. I highly recommend APTEI courses for PTs of any level.

    Kim Judge, PT
  • The focus on evidence driven physiotherapy interventions provides clinicians with a strong framework for choosing immediately applicable treatments.

    Miriam Berry, PT
  • This 4-day course was very patient-centric and covered all the aspects of rehab including cognitive and psycho-social factors. Truly comprehensive.

    Jecy Kunjukunju, PT
  • I have taken several of the APTEI courses with Bahram Jam and have found each one extremely comprehensive and immediately clinically applicable.

    Melissa Seifried, PT
  • Excellent! This was my first APTEI course and I really enjoyed learning very effective management techniques.

    Dhwanit Soni, PT
  • Excellent, relevant & evidence-based material.

    Phillip Murtha, PT
  • Best neck course ever as it combines well researched physiotherapy techniques with clinical skills.

    Angela Fullerton, PT
  • Action packed edge of your seat roller coaster ride of cervico-thoracic learning.

    Mike Sansom, PT
  • Very clinically focused!

    Derek Monkman, PT
  • This course will change how I treat my patients Monday morning.

    April Graham, PT
  • Great way of linking relevant research to practical application. Saved me hundreds of hours of reading and analyzing articles.

    Natalie Sagle, PT
  • I enjoyed discussing the evidence behind the techniques and treatments ...the hands on are great.

    Lori Anne Donald, PT
  • Always love the "to the point-ness" of APTEI courses and evidence to back it up.

    Tawn Dingwall, PT
  • The APTEI ADN courses have been extremely valuable.  On Monday morning, I was immediately able to apply needling techniques into my orthopaedic caseload with excellent success.

    Tim Salmon, PT
  • I've really enjoyed the APTEI Acupuncture & Dry Needling courses.  Tom and Len were great and I found it very easy to transfer over to my practice and use it all very regularly.

    Jenna Smith, PT
  • One of the best courses I’ve taken.

    Kevin Shortt, PT
  • It is a must take courses for MSK physiotherapists as it brings together the most recent evidence-based treatments.

    Laura Nickelo, PT
  • The most valuable course I’ve ever taken!

    Angela Fullarton, PT
  • The course was filled with fantastic information, easy & effective techniques.

    Chris Rose, PT
  • Great techniques for stubborn conditions.

    Courtney Flanagan, PT
  • Bahram does an excellent job at teaching highly applicable techniques.

    Ashley Yates, PT
  • Thanks for teaching new manual therapy techniques that I can apply to both my young and senior patients.

    Lyse Lyrette, PT
  • Very practical and very happy that I took this course.

    Yannick Audet, PT
  • Great balance of theory and hands-on.

    Denise Nadeau, PT
  • Bahram Jam keeps my full attention during the whole course, making learning fun & easier to retain.

    Natalie Pope-Lepage, PT
  • Appreciated how clear and concise the content was.

    Claude Beaudry, PT
  • Simple, able to use the course material right away!

    Mitchell Bourne, PT
  • The 4-day Lumbo-pelvic course was FANTASTIC!

    Maryam Ahankoob, PT
  • I definitely recommend the 4-day Lumbo-pelvic course to colleagues.

    Krista Greenwood, PT
  • Very practical & engaging course.

    Jennifer Sebu, PT
  • Extremely effective & practical course.

    Rafal Luczynski, PT
  • Bahram was extremely knowledgeable and full of energy!

    Lucy Li, PT
  • Hands down the best instructor I’ve had. Energetic, fun & intelligent.

    Justin Grundy, PT
  • Such great practical application!

    Lisa Mayo, PT
  • Really informative course... I will be using the info a lot in the clinic.

    Jessica James, PT
  • Very practical & relevant to my clinical practice.

    Louisa Tan, PT
  • Always fun, interactive and immediately applicable to the clinical setting.

    John Campbell, PT
  • I really like the stress free environment and how concepts are simplified.

    Kanupriya Joshi, PT
  • Thank you for making manual therapy easy to apply and understand.

    Prem Giri, PT
  • Really glad I signed up for the 4-day Advanced Upper Extremity program.

    Cynthia Pathipati, PT
  • The 4-day Advanced Lower Extremity was the most beneficial course that I've taken ...clinically relevant.

    Ahmad Dhooma, PT
  • The 4-day Advanced Lumbo-pelvic course is immediately applicable to practice!

    Allana McLeod, PT
  • I had a lot fun and learned a lot! ...I 'm excited!

    Natalie St. Hilaire, PT
  • Awesome learning experience, many new skills that I will apply starting tomorrow.

    Amy Price, PT
  • A great package of manual techniques combined with discussion fully supported evidence!

    Miriam Berry, PT
  • Great course! I am excited to apply these new skills starting tomorrow.

    Alana Boyczuk, PT
  • Always great courses, love using the techniques on Monday!

    Nathan Giroux, PT
  • Excellent learning environment, non-stressful and supportive, very positive.

    Brenda McGill, PT
  • The courses immediately provide hands on skills.

    Ashley Grant – MacDonald, PT
  • I found Bahram’s course very useful and immediately applicable.

    Connor Reid, PT
  • Great course, relevant information, keeps my attention!

    Stuart MacNeil, PT
  • Immediate benefit to your patients.

    Darren Booth, PT
  • I didn’t feel like I was just learning the research but rather what actually works.

    Kaitlyn Purcell, PT
  • Best course! Entertaining, informative and inspiring.

    Angela Fullarton, PT
  • I love the functional application and all the anecdotes to help us remember!

    Alyssa Moss, PT
  • Really like the way APTEI courses bring together techniques from others such as Sahrmann, Mulligan, McKenzie, etc.

    Adam Becker, PT
  • The information I learn in every APTEI course is relevant ...and the best part, they work.

    Ashley Rose, PT
  • This course has changed the way I assess and treat cervical & thoracic spine.

    Amy Stober, PT
  • The program was absolutely worth my time & money.

    Paramjeet Singh, PT
  • Bahram’s courses allow me to apply clinical reasoning skills with confidence. Highly recommended.

    Vivian Overton, PT
  • An excellent mix of some the most highly researched techniques.

    Kelsea Mabuchi, PT
  • I recommend APTEI courses for any either new grads or experienced physios.

    Jacqueline Nguyen, PT
  • I had fun and I know I will apply what I learned the next day at work.

    Hristo Hristov, PT
  • So much valid and practical information packed in 4 days.

    Jeanne Wong, PT
  • I always enjoy APTEI courses, easy to remember and apply.

    Marie Helene Jutras, PT
  • Very practical and very satisfied of what I learned.

    Yves Lessard, PT
  • Great course and really functional.

    Steven McElligot, PT
  • ... most importantly, APTEI courses are not boring! 

    Eric Ellemo, PT
  • Time flew which is remarkable for a 4-day course.

    Marlene Gurman, PT
  • The most useful course I have taken.

    Stefanie Pelletier, PT
  • I have taken all the courses offered by Bahram Jam ...he is professional, funny and organized.

    Tai-Wei Lin, PT
  • Reinforces your common sense clinical judgement & instills confidence in your skills.

    JoEllen MacPhee, PT
  • By far the best courses. Thank you.

    Annie-Claude Morin, PT
  • Made us re-wire our brain to help apply the new knowledge learned.

    Siobhan Boyle, PT
  • The exam really helped bring everything together.

    Dale Cummings, PT
  • Great evidence-based techniques I apply with good outcomes.

    Nicole Nixon, PT
  • Love your energy while teaching!

    Sarah Casey, PT
  • Would not hesitate to take further courses through APTEI.

    Travis O’Neal, PT
  • Another fun 4 days!

    Laurie Boisvert, PT
  • Loved the course and your enthusiasm. 

    Wilma Berti, PT
  • The course material was current and instantly applicable. I have already recommended the course to my PT friends.

    Jocelynn Richard, PT
  • Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and passionate instructor made all the difference!

    Laura Battcock, PT
  • Fantastic course and extremely well instructed.

    Matt Sullivan, PT
  • Awesome course, so so so clinically applicable, with great research to back it up.

    Jenny Sullivan, PT
  • Bahram was a very honest as an instructor and easy to learn from.

    Adam Lomond, PT
  • Very stress-free & hands-on course. I learnt a lot. Excellent!

    Pooja Jadvani, PT
  • I found Bahram Jam captures our attention extremely well and makes everything so applicable.

    Sarah Croft, PT
  • Bahram Jam is a great instructor and a clinician.

    Fahad, Siddique, PT
  • I love APTEI courses. They’re extremely useful and informative!

    Ahmad Dhooma, PT
  • APTEI courses look at many techniques from many schools of thought and allows physiotherapists to independently evaluate the techniques.

    Owen Wong, PT
  • I’m excited to apply the FWMs (Facilitations with Movement) into my practice.

    Kanako Nishihara, PT
  • I always enjoy APTEI courses as I can immediately use it the very next in my practice!

    Marli Cline, PT
  • I consider this course a power tool to improve PT practice.

    Nils Perez, PT
  • I appreciate the “Keeping it simple” & common sense approach.

    Lisa Hall, PT
  • This is by far the most practically useful course I have taken.

    Tonya Huck, PT
  • A course based on function.

    Chrissy Woodcock, PT
  • Awesome learning experience!!

    Cecil Newman, PT
  • Stress free learning environment.

    Sue Kean, PT
  • I wish APTEI courses were available 25 years ago

    Lori Stairs, PT
  • Makes assessment & treatments very practical.

    Aurelee McLean, PT
  • I have so much more confidence treating shoulders now!

    Lindsay Laltoo, PT
  • Your enthusiasm makes education fun & rewarding.

    Colton Jonah, PT
  • Very dynamic and fun learning experience.

    Chantal Grand Maison, PT
  • As a new grad I found the APTEI course extremely helpful.

    Marie-Elisabeth St-Laurent, PT
  • Loved the style of teaching, lots of hands-on.

    Victoria Eaton, PT
  • Eye opening! Very clinically applicable.

    Josee Michaud-Gilliland, PT
  • I learned more about the shoulder mechanics than I did in my 2 years at university.

    Jamie Dameron, PT
  • You leave with many more treatment options.

    Rebecca Arenbury, PT
  • The PT profession greatly benefits from your programs.

    Giancarlo Brancati, PT
  • Fantastic instructor! Incredibly knowledgeable and refreshing to be taught from a complete evidence-based knowledge.

    Cass Travlos, PT
  • Makes me exited to work tomorrow and apply what I have learnt immediately on my patients.

    Reza Ghannadan, PT
  • The APTEI courses are inspiring.

    Sonia Singh, PT
  • I really love how non-specific you are with manual therapy.

    Jayme Gordon, PT
  • My whole treatment perspective has been changed and I feel more confident now.

    Mandeep Grewal, PT
  • A balanced and great combination of various techniques and approaches to manage low back pain.

    Jacqueline Constanzo, PT
  • I like the positive attitude and energy of the instructor.

    Jobby James, PT
  • Four days, lots of evidence and many manual skills. One stop shop.

    Shant Mardirossiaan, PT
  • Basically the lumbo-pelvic course was great!

    Rebecca Pucci, PT
  • The Persistent Pain program was a revolution to my thinking about movement, pain and function.

    Bev Forsey, PT
  • As a new grad this program has decreased my fear of working with patients with low back pain.

    Kirsten Gogon, PT
  • The lumbo-pelvic course is an essential course for all PTs.

    Erik Merchant, PT
  • The course has reduced my anxiety about trying to be specific and has increased my confidence in assessment.

    Amy Heffernan, PT
  • Amazing course, extremely relevant and applicable to my PT practice.

    Mary Montgomery, PT
  • I like the emphasis on evidence and de-bunking out of date theories.

    Tansey Summers-Lubar, PT
  • As always, great techniques... Therapeutic alliance will be my focus with all my patients.

    Nathan Firoux, PT
  • Evidence based, practical, engaging, enjoyable!

    Lori Leggett, PT
  • Very straight forward way of categorizing low back pain.

    Allyson Seviour, PT
  • Instead of trying to fit one hard model, Bahram admits that he does not know everything or why everything works.

    JR Marshall, PT
  • I am always pleased with APTEI courses.

    Karen Meyer, PT
  • Love it! Able to apply a lot of the treatments very quickly.

    Laurence Noel, PT
  • Excellent course. Integrating tools from different schools of thought.

    Max Folkersma, PT
  • I feel confident enough to perform 99% of the things learned.

    Isabella Pace, PT
  • Very clear explanations and useful techniques.

    An-Tchi Ta, PT
  • Very logical and dynamic presentation of the course material.

    Zhuo Wei Feng, PT
  • I loved the emphasis on function.

    Corry Feore, OT
  • A great balance of hands on and discussion.

    Tyler DiSimoni, PT
  • I truly enjoyed this course ...the casual atmosphere of the day.

    Aleksandra Nenadic, PT
  • Your passion for providing evidence-based strategies to physios has transformed my own career, thank you!

    Curt Scarlett, PT
  • I appreciate the relaxed, fun and informed teaching style.

    Sharon Walsh, PT
  • Persistent Pain is a great course that challenges the stereotypes.

    Carla Knuth, PT
  • Extremely knowledgeable and charismatic instructor.

    Heidi Sternthal, PT
  • Extremely knowledgeable and charismatic instructor.

    Heidi Sternthal, PT
  • Bahram does not believe in only Mulligan, McKenzie or only acupuncture, etc. APTEI courses are very holistic & immediately applicable.

    Richelle Weeks, PT
  • I always enjoy Bahram Jam’s courses and recommend them.

    Ashley Powers, PT
  • Very helpful & enthusiastic instructor.

    Derek Gorman, PT
  • Very practical ...makes all conflicting info make sense.

    Hillary Foster, PT
  • Thank you for simplifying concepts for physiotherapists.

    Stephanie Mourant, PT
  • Really enjoyed the balance between lecture & hands-on.

    Erica Linde, PT
  • The clinical relevance of the material taught was excellent.

    Dominic Gauvin, PT
  • The Advanced courses are the most helpful physio courses I have taken in my 13 yrs as a PT.

    Lori Leggett, PT
  • These are the most hands on & practical courses out there.

    Melanie Couturier, PT
  • This course has completely changed how I treat the shoulder.

    Patrick Richard, PT
  • I wished I had taken this Advanced Upper Extremity course a long time ago.

    Sylvie Roy, PT
  • Fantastic and realistic approach to diagnosing and treating the TMJ.

    Catherine Pakenlam, PT
  • I love the approach to simplifying a complex topic.

    Lauren Armstrong, PT
  • No time wasted on unnecessary or irrelevant information the point & well planned course.

    Tanya Singhal, PT
  • The Advanced Persistent Pain course has flipped my thinking.

    Lisa MacDonald, PT
  • Bahram is a wealth of knowledge and genuinely hopes that his students become better therapists.

    Jeff Webber, PT
  • The insights from this course greatly enhance my patient education.

    Steve Pollard, PT
  • These ideas are rocking the foundations of what I have learned in the past.

    Jyl Carmichael, PT
  • I always walk away feeling confident in what I have learned.

    Lisa Vandenberk, PT
  • Great energy with great clinical tips.

    Jeff Dill, PT
  • Finally a course that provides holistic solutions for persistent pain

    Kate Tweedie, PT
  • I feel armed with the excellent tools to help my clients with persistent pain.

    Brent MacAdam, PT
  • Amazing emphasis on the role of changing the experience and the emotional response to pain, instead of eliminating chronic pain.

    Pam Stephenson, PT
  • Bahram is engaging and teaches material you can immediately use.

    Chris Rose, PT
  • The persistent pain course gave me whole new appreciation to treatment of chronic pain.

    Janice Miller, PT
  • Always fun, educational, refreshing and “JAM” packed with exciting learning materials.

    Myriam Cormier-Arseneault, PT
  • Bahram’s energy is infectious and creates a great learning environment.

    Warren Mason, PT
  • Bahram is aware of optimizing adult learning.

    Thera Breau, PT
  • This course has made me a better practitioner.

    Cameron Bessey, PT
  • I would recommend this program to any PT looking to improve their assessment & treatments.

    Alex Kelly, PT
  • Implementation of simple manual therapy techniques and functional exercises with valid outcome measures.

    Mohammed Sharif, PT
  • So much value in a 4-day course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

    Lisa Dykeman, PT
  • Great course, covered lots of topics and very practical.

    Brenda Smith, PT
  • Couldn’t imagine a better way to start my continuing education studies.

    Samantha Scott, PT
  • Great job keeping us engaged and motivating us during 4 days.

    Angela Carragher, PT
  • Excellent comprehensive course with great teaching strategies.

    Marie Brien, PT
  • Very enthusiastic teacher, approachable and a comfortable learning environment.

    Kelly McLaren, PT
  • This is my 3rd Advanced program and I wish I had learned this stuff in University.

    Karen Wakefield, PT
  • Enjoy how realistic the treatments are i.e. Not need to feel exact levels.

    Jackie Ryder, PT
  • An excellent, knowledgeable instructor.

    Cheryl La Force, PT
  • I love the simple, evidence-based & practical hands-on approach.

    Jenn Neirinckx, PT
  • The cervico-thoracic course has helped me answer a lot of unanswered questions ...thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

    David Michael, PT
  • The Lumbo-pelvic Program was an EXCELLENT eye opening course.

    Giuseppe Galifi, PT
  • Dr. Bahram Jam combines EBP with experience to provide and teach best practice techniques.

    Javier Diaz, PT
  • A very beneficial course for my clinical practice and patient care.

    Navjot Sarao, PT
  • Clinically relevant, practical, concise and easy to understand.

    Danny Yin, PT
  • Truly the most useful courses I’ve taken.

    Giancarlo Brancati, PT
  • I have been a fan of APTEI courses for over 10 years.

    Manvir Purewal, PT
  • Bahram has so much evidence-based knowledge and compiles his honest opinion about the best way to combine them.

    Angie Travlos, PT
  • My practice/treatment will be better Monday morning because of the cervico-thoracic program.

    April Graham, PT
  • As always, clinically applicable, fun and practical.

    John Campbell, PT
  • The cervico-thoracic program is a fantastic course!

    Cassandra Travlos, PT
  • Packed with useful immediately applicable evidence-based treatment and assessment to improve clinical outcomes.

    Danny Yin, PT
  • Wonderful comprehensive Cervico-thoracic course!

    Natalie Riley, PT
  • The best part of Bahram’s course is always the passion and energy that he brings.

    Robert Heimbach, PT
  • Bahram makes the course material fun & practical.

    Gillian Tews, PT
  • I really appreciate the clinically relevant hands on techniques.

    Tori Etheridge, PT
  • I really appreciate the clinically relevant hands on techniques.

    Trevor Moizuni, PT
  • Informative & to the point to make appropriate treatment decisions.

    Yasha Rabbani, PT
  • To the point and functional. Looking forward to other courses!

    Julie Belliveau, PT
  • It’s functional and I understand it. I loved the course!

    Lisa Mayo, PT
  • Excellent combo of classroom & practical.

    Natalie Doucette, PT
  • I loved the Advanced upper extremity course.

    Piaf Des Rosiers, PT
  • Great energy! Very easy to implement into clinical practice.

    Mark Howard, PT
  • First time taking an APTEI course; practical & relevant.

    Tara Moore, PT
  • What a GREAT (Advanced Upper Extremity) course!

    Kristy Moore, PT
  • As a new grad I felt I lack in treatment techniques, this course provided me with several clinically relevant techniques.

    Lisa McCarthy, PT
  • I learned functional exercises that I can easily incorporate into practice.

    Jennifer Bursey, PT
  • Very practical & hands on!

    Joseph Yetman, PT
  • The course was informative & enjoyable as always.

    Magdalena Duspara, PT
  • Strongly recommend to PTs who want to learn new & advanced therapies.

    Venkata Patnala, PT
  • I feel confident I can make a difference in my patients’ lives.

    Patrick Dungao, PT
  • Amazing learning experience.

    Fenil Chauhan, PT
  • Bahram is extremely knowledgeable.

    Abhishek Sharma, PT
  • I had heard great things but to take an APTEI course live was a real treat.

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  • Making complex issues and treatments simple focusing on function. 

    Julie Belliveau, PT
  • Not only are you empowering patients, you are also empowering PTs!

    Samantha Scott, PT
  • Very honest about what is supported in research and gives credit where credit is due.

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  • Very good at bringing many methods (e.g. McKenzie, Mulligan, etc.) into one course- all the most important/clinically relevant ideas.

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  • APTEI continuing education courses are one of the best approaches to help your patients.

    Joya Sohani, PT
  • Always presents research-based treatment approaches with captivating discussions.

    Kevin Choi, PT
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