Here are what some real physiotherapists / physical therapists have said about APTEI programs. No, they were not paid to say any of this!

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  • As a new grad the APTEI lumbar course boosted my confidence in assessment and treatment by 100%. Thank you.

    Katrina McLoughlin, PT
  • The information presented helps me clear out the "non-essential" info which makes our clinical lives easier.

    Melissa Aitken, PT
  • “Great energy throughout the course…. very professional & very well run. Look forward to taking future APTEI courses.”

    Waleed Abdel-Razek, PT
  • “ I greatly appreciate Bahram’s knowledge and enthusiasm. I leave Bahram’s courses confident with knowledge and skills …I look forward to integrating them into my practice.”

    Michelle Monk, PT
  • Based on this course and learning the evidence-based behind treating low back pain, I will be changing my approach to assessment and treatment. I am very excited to put this information into clinical practice.

    Marcel MacDonald, PT
  • I very much appreciate the evidence based nature of the course, as a MacMaster grad we are taught to look to the evidence and outcome measures. This course was consistent with how we are taught and therefore very applicable.

    Sara Miller, PT
  • A fantastic course to pull together and make sense of numerous sources of low back pain and their appropriate treatment. Highly recommended!

    Michele Paradoski, PT
  • I really enjoy the time, effort and enthusiasm that Bahram Jam gives to the Physiotherapy profession. I would (and do) recommend his courses. Our profession would be in better shape if all PTs applied evidence-based practice.

    Laura Lee Mullin, PT
  • Bahram Jam provided me with strategies and techniques that I could apply to my patients Monday morning.

    Samantha Plested, PT
  • As a new grad the APTEI lumbar course boosted my confidence in assessment and treatment by 100%. Thank you.

    Katrina McLoughlin, PT
  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for physiotherapy.

    Lisa Leveque, PT
  • Thank you - your passion and enthusiasm about physiotherapy is contagious!

    Jessica Courteau, PT
  • I will be able to apply the course material into the clinic –life changing

    Martine Patterson, PT
  • Fantastic course! Evidence based with clinical application to immediately impact direct patient care.

    Barry Johnson, PT
  • I enjoy the courses as there are no extra technical background, only relevant information is taught.

    Kelly Wicks, PT
  • Fantastic 4-day course that I have immediately applied to my practice.

    Jenna Estey, PT
  • Every time I take an APTEI course I feel like a better physio and can immediately impact someone’s therapy positively.

    Marli Cline, PT
  • Bahram’s courses interactive and fun, which keep everyone very interested.

    Cortney Kanerva, PT
  • APTEI courses are fun and at the same time very informative.

    Anne Romero, PT
  • Excellent and practical courses.

    Peter Lanni, PT
  • If you are feeling that you are hitting a dead end in your PT practice, do APTEI courses. The courses open up your horizons.

    Adhira Mahajan, PT
  • My first course with APTEI, but definitely won’t be my last.

    Noel Pulido, PT
  • I am going to be a much more creative physio after doing this course; an amazing experience.

    Aiju Lu, PT
  • I enjoy every aspect of the APTEI courses – meeting other colleagues, learning and applying new techniques readily into my practice.

    Xiaoli Ma, PT
  • I love APTEI courses. I always leave the course feeling more confident as a therapist.

    Layoma Gray, PT
  • Your ability as a clinician will improve over night after taking APTEI courses.

    Shant Mardirossiaan, PT
  • Excellent courses. I recommend all PTs to take APTEI courses.

    Ravinderjeet Sran, PT
  • All the techniques taught on the course were excellent and can be used the next day. I recommend courses by Dr. Jam to all physiotherapists.

    Ravinder Kaur, PT
  • I’ve always enjoyed the Bahram Jam’s casual, light approach and his knowledge base.

    Cygni Brown, PT
  • The practicality and immediate clinical incorporation of the material is appreciated.

    Chrissy Woodcock, PT
  • Bahram Jam is a gifted teacher in this field (Physiotherapy).

    Jung Kim, PT
  • Upon completion of APTEI courses, I feel comfortable applying the techniques that I have learned immediately to my daily practice.

    Farah Mawany, PT
  • Very practical to my work and I enjoyed the way the material was taught.

    Josiane Mercier, PT
  • The course was easy to understand and follow (even as a French speaking PT), very dynamic instructor.

    Helene Simard, PT
  • Very dynamic and knowledgeable instructor... good supportive evidence with a balance of theory and practical activities.

    Daniel Fitch, PT
  • It was an excellent course. Thank you so much.

    France Gamache, PT
  • Pertinent, practical and immediately applicable.

    Alex Volant, PT
  • Thank you, excellent teacher, excellent course.

    Melissa Normendin, PT
  • Very applicable to my practice as the course refined my manual skills.

    Daniel Yoon, PT
  • Always a fun-filled day. Learned a lot and perfected techniques I have already been using in the clinic. Great course!

    George Cardenas, PT
  • I always look forward to your courses because I have several patients in mind to try the new techniques on.

    Sarah Marshall, PT
  • Your teaching style facilitates learning.

    Jamie Young, PT
  • Great techniques that can be applied to so many different patient populations …and immediately!

    Mariam Salma, PT
  • Humour makes the practical skills more memorable.

    Chris Peppiatt, PT
  • Great time spent remembering the art behind our profession.

    Mary Hanna, PT
  • Excellent combination of clinical reasoning and practical skills presented in an enthusiastic manner.

    Mary Hanna, PT
  • A reminder how much I enjoy, benefit and appreciate a fun, hands on and revisit of orthopaedics.

    Angie Andreoli, PT (Neuro)
  • It was one of the best courses I’ve taken. Simple, practical and these techniques work

    Svetlana Knorr, PT
  • Wonderful Thoracic course! Very applicable to my practice (ABI out-patient and geriatrics).

    Meghan Marcil, PT
  • As a physio I feel more competent in treating my patients after APTEI courses.

    Anne Faye Romero, PT
  • I am very glad that I have attended this excellent APTEI course.

    Fozy Jose, PT
  • Always fun, informative and very practical courses! Thanks.

    Micheline Najm, PT
  • Really entertaining course. The techniques were easy to do and really applicable to my patients.

    Catherine Mireault-Germain, PT
  • As always very dynamic and easily applicable course.

    Magli Freve-Marchand, PT
  • I really enjoyed the was very enjoyable and fun.

    Veronique Prevot, PT
  • The course material is immediately applicable, functional and evidence-based.

    Casey Swan, PT
  • I learnt a lot during the course and I am certain it will help me treat my patients better. Thank you!

    Nazima Kazi, PT
  • It was a great learning experience. I loved it

    Kumar Patel, PT
  • Thank you for validating some of my thoughts and backing it up with research.

    Joanne Holloway Wilson, PT
  • This was the best course I have taken since graduation. I feel so much more confident with treating the low back pain.

    James Campbell, PT
  • I recommend Bahram Jam’s courses to all Physios.

    Kristen Shea, PT
  • I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot ...can’t wait to do another course.

    Ashley Grant-MacDonald, PT
  • APTEI courses are straightforward and give participants the hands on experience to effectively treat patients with a multitude of orthopaedic conditions.

    Blythe Martin, PT
  • Bahram Jam’s passion for teaching and research is contagious.

    Leanne Huck, PT
  • I learned great hands-on techniques that I feel confident to use tomorrow

    Renee Leger, PT
  • Definitely increased my confidence in assessing and treating cervical conditions.

    Amanda Garvie, PT
  • Very practical and clinically applicable

    Trevor Dunphy, PT
  • Great Evidence based course that will make an immediate impact on my patients.

    Daniel Wilk, PT
  • The hands-on therapies I have learned in APTEI courses have helped me a lot in my practice

    Riza Dizon, PT
  • A great course that includes evidence-based techniques that can be immediately applied in practice.

    Danny Carter, PT
  • The 4-day courses benefit any PT with any level of experience as the most up to date evidence-based material is taught.

    Vi Cao, PT
  • Bahram Jam is a very engaging and informative instructor. I highly recommend APTEI courses for PTs of any level.

    Kim Judge, PT
  • The focus on evidence driven physiotherapy interventions provides clinicians with a strong framework for choosing immediately applicable treatments.

    Miriam Berry, PT
  • This 4-day course was very patient-centric and covered all the aspects of rehab including cognitive and psycho-social factors. Truly comprehensive.

    Jecy Kunjukunju, PT
  • I have taken several of the APTEI courses with Bahram Jam and have found each one extremely comprehensive and immediately clinically applicable.

    Melissa Seifried, PT
  • Excellent! This was my first APTEI course and I really enjoyed learning very effective management techniques.

    Dhwanit Soni, PT
  • Excellent, relevant & evidence-based material.

    Phillip Murtha, PT
  • Best neck course ever as it combines well researched physiotherapy techniques with clinical skills.

    Angela Fullerton, PT
  • Action packed edge of your seat roller coaster ride of cervico-thoracic learning.

    Mike Sansom, PT
  • Very clinically focused!

    Derek Monkman, PT
  • This course will change how I treat my patients Monday morning.

    April Graham, PT
  • Great way of linking relevant research to practical application. Saved me hundreds of hours of reading and analyzing articles.

    Natalie Sagle, PT
  • I enjoyed discussing the evidence behind the techniques and treatments ...the hands on are great.

    Lori Anne Donald, PT
  • Always love the "to the point-ness" of APTEI courses and evidence to back it up.

    Tawn Dingwall, PT
  • The APTEI ADN courses have been extremely valuable.  On Monday morning, I was immediately able to apply needling techniques into my orthopaedic caseload with excellent success.

    Tim Salmon, PT
  • I've really enjoyed the APTEI Acupuncture & Dry Needling courses.  Tom and Len were great and I found it very easy to transfer over to my practice and use it all very regularly.

    Jenna Smith, PT
  • One of the best courses I’ve taken.

    Kevin Shortt, PT
  • It is a must take courses for MSK physiotherapists as it brings together the most recent evidence-based treatments.

    Laura Nickelo, PT
  • The most valuable course I’ve ever taken!

    Angela Fullarton, PT
  • The course was filled with fantastic information, easy & effective techniques.

    Chris Rose, PT
  • Great techniques for stubborn conditions.

    Courtney Flanagan, PT
  • Bahram does an excellent job at teaching highly applicable techniques.

    Ashley Yates, PT
  • Thanks for teaching new manual therapy techniques that I can apply to both my young and senior patients.

    Lyse Lyrette, PT
  • Very practical and very happy that I took this course.

    Yannick Audet, PT
  • Great balance of theory and hands-on.

    Denise Nadeau, PT
  • Bahram Jam keeps my full attention during the whole course, making learning fun & easier to retain.

    Natalie Pope-Lepage, PT
  • Appreciated how clear and concise the content was.

    Claude Beaudry, PT
  • Simple, able to use the course material right away!

    Mitchell Bourne, PT
  • The 4-day Lumbo-pelvic course was FANTASTIC!

    Maryam Ahankoob, PT
  • I definitely recommend the 4-day Lumbo-pelvic course to colleagues.

    Krista Greenwood, PT
  • Very practical & engaging course.

    Jennifer Sebu, PT
  • Extremely effective & practical course.

    Rafal Luczynski, PT
  • Bahram was extremely knowledgeable and full of energy!

    Lucy Li, PT
  • Hands down the best instructor I’ve had. Energetic, fun & intelligent.

    Justin Grundy, PT
  • Such great practical application!

    Lisa Mayo, PT
  • Really informative course... I will be using the info a lot in the clinic.

    Jessica James, PT
  • Very practical & relevant to my clinical practice.

    Louisa Tan, PT
  • Always fun, interactive and immediately applicable to the clinical setting.

    John Campbell, PT
  • I really like the stress free environment and how concepts are simplified.

    Kanupriya Joshi, PT
  • Thank you for making manual therapy easy to apply and understand.

    Prem Giri, PT
  • Really glad I signed up for the 4-day Advanced Upper Extremity program.

    Cynthia Pathipati, PT
  • The 4-day Advanced Lower Extremity was the most beneficial course that I've taken ...clinically relevant.

    Ahmad Dhooma, PT
  • The 4-day Advanced Lumbo-pelvic course is immediately applicable to practice!

    Allana McLeod, PT
  • I had a lot fun and learned a lot! ...I 'm excited!

    Natalie St. Hilaire, PT
  • Awesome learning experience, many new skills that I will apply starting tomorrow.

    Amy Price, PT
  • A great package of manual techniques combined with discussion fully supported evidence!

    Miriam Berry, PT
  • Great course! I am excited to apply these new skills starting tomorrow.

    Alana Boyczuk, PT
  • Always great courses, love using the techniques on Monday!

    Nathan Giroux, PT
  • Excellent learning environment, non-stressful and supportive, very positive.

    Brenda McGill, PT
  • The courses immediately provide hands on skills.

    Ashley Grant – MacDonald, PT
  • I found Bahram’s course very useful and immediately applicable.

    Connor Reid, PT
  • Great course, relevant information, keeps my attention!

    Stuart MacNeil, PT
  • Immediate benefit to your patients.

    Darren Booth, PT
  • I didn’t feel like I was just learning the research but rather what actually works.

    Kaitlyn Purcell, PT
  • Best course! Entertaining, informative and inspiring.

    Angela Fullarton, PT
  • I love the functional application and all the anecdotes to help us remember!

    Alyssa Moss, PT
  • Really like the way APTEI courses bring together techniques from others such as Sahrmann, Mulligan, McKenzie, etc.

    Adam Becker, PT
  • The information I learn in every APTEI course is relevant ...and the best part, they work.

    Ashley Rose, PT
  • This course has changed the way I assess and treat cervical & thoracic spine.

    Amy Stober, PT
  • The program was absolutely worth my time & money.

    Paramjeet Singh, PT
  • Bahram’s courses allow me to apply clinical reasoning skills with confidence. Highly recommended.

    Vivian Overton, PT
  • An excellent mix of some the most highly researched techniques.

    Kelsea Mabuchi, PT
  • I recommend APTEI courses for any either new grads or experienced physios.

    Jacqueline Nguyen, PT
  • I had fun and I know I will apply what I learned the next day at work.

    Hristo Hristov, PT
  • So much valid and practical information packed in 4 days.

    Jeanne Wong, PT
  • I always enjoy APTEI courses, easy to remember and apply.

    Marie Helene Jutras, PT
  • Very practical and very satisfied of what I learned.

    Yves Lessard, PT
  • Great course and really functional.

    Steven McElligot, PT
  • ... most importantly, APTEI courses are not boring! 

    Eric Ellemo, PT
  • Time flew which is remarkable for a 4-day course.

    Marlene Gurman, PT
  • The most useful course I have taken.

    Stefanie Pelletier, PT
  • I have taken all the courses offered by Bahram Jam ...he is professional, funny and organized.

    Tai-Wei Lin, PT
  • Reinforces your common sense clinical judgement & instills confidence in your skills.

    JoEllen MacPhee, PT
  • By far the best courses. Thank you.

    Annie-Claude Morin, PT
  • Made us re-wire our brain to help apply the new knowledge learned.

    Siobhan Boyle, PT
  • The exam really helped bring everything together.

    Dale Cummings, PT
  • Great evidence-based techniques I apply with good outcomes.

    Nicole Nixon, PT
  • Love your energy while teaching!

    Sarah Casey, PT
  • Would not hesitate to take further courses through APTEI.

    Travis O’Neal, PT
  • Another fun 4 days!

    Laurie Boisvert, PT
  • Loved the course and your enthusiasm. 

    Wilma Berti, PT
  • The course material was current and instantly applicable. I have already recommended the course to my PT friends.

    Jocelynn Richard, PT
  • Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and passionate instructor made all the difference!

    Laura Battcock, PT
  • Fantastic course and extremely well instructed.

    Matt Sullivan, PT
  • Awesome course, so so so clinically applicable, with great research to back it up.

    Jenny Sullivan, PT
  • Bahram was a very honest as an instructor and easy to learn from.

    Adam Lomond, PT
  • Very stress-free & hands-on course. I learnt a lot. Excellent!

    Pooja Jadvani, PT
  • I found Bahram Jam captures our attention extremely well and makes everything so applicable.

    Sarah Croft, PT
  • Bahram Jam is a great instructor and a clinician.

    Fahad, Siddique, PT
  • I love APTEI courses. They’re extremely useful and informative!

    Ahmad Dhooma, PT
  • APTEI courses look at many techniques from many schools of thought and allows physiotherapists to independently evaluate the techniques.

    Owen Wong, PT
  • I’m excited to apply the FWMs (Facilitations with Movement) into my practice.

    Kanako Nishihara, PT
  • I always enjoy APTEI courses as I can immediately use it the very next in my practice!

    Marli Cline, PT
  • I consider this course a power tool to improve PT practice.

    Nils Perez, PT
  • I appreciate the “Keeping it simple” & common sense approach.

    Lisa Hall, PT
  • This is by far the most practically useful course I have taken.

    Tonya Huck, PT
  • A course based on function.

    Chrissy Woodcock, PT
  • Awesome learning experience!!

    Cecil Newman, PT
  • Stress free learning environment.

    Sue Kean, PT
  • I wish APTEI courses were available 25 years ago

    Lori Stairs, PT
  • Makes assessment & treatments very practical.

    Aurelee McLean, PT
  • I have so much more confidence treating shoulders now!

    Lindsay Laltoo, PT
  • Your enthusiasm makes education fun & rewarding.

    Colton Jonah, PT
  • Very dynamic and fun learning experience.

    Chantal Grand Maison, PT
  • As a new grad I found the APTEI course extremely helpful.

    Marie-Elisabeth St-Laurent, PT
  • Loved the style of teaching, lots of hands-on.

    Victoria Eaton, PT
  • Eye opening! Very clinically applicable.

    Josee Michaud-Gilliland, PT
  • I learned more about the shoulder mechanics than I did in my 2 years at university.

    Jamie Dameron, PT
  • You leave with many more treatment options.

    Rebecca Arenbury, PT
  • The PT profession greatly benefits from your programs.

    Giancarlo Brancati, PT
  • Fantastic instructor! Incredibly knowledgeable and refreshing to be taught from a complete evidence-based knowledge.

    Cass Travlos, PT
  • Makes me exited to work tomorrow and apply what I have learnt immediately on my patients.

    Reza Ghannadan, PT
  • The APTEI courses are inspiring.

    Sonia Singh, PT
  • I really love how non-specific you are with manual therapy.

    Jayme Gordon, PT
  • My whole treatment perspective has been changed and I feel more confident now.

    Mandeep Grewal, PT
  • A balanced and great combination of various techniques and approaches to manage low back pain.

    Jacqueline Constanzo, PT
  • I like the positive attitude and energy of the instructor.

    Jobby James, PT
  • Four days, lots of evidence and many manual skills. One stop shop.

    Shant Mardirossiaan, PT
  • Basically the lumbo-pelvic course was great!

    Rebecca Pucci, PT
  • The Persistent Pain program was a revolution to my thinking about movement, pain and function.

    Bev Forsey, PT
  • As a new grad this program has decreased my fear of working with patients with low back pain.

    Kirsten Gogon, PT
  • The lumbo-pelvic course is an essential course for all PTs.

    Erik Merchant, PT
  • The course has reduced my anxiety about trying to be specific and has increased my confidence in assessment.

    Amy Heffernan, PT
  • Amazing course, extremely relevant and applicable to my PT practice.

    Mary Montgomery, PT
  • I like the emphasis on evidence and de-bunking out of date theories.

    Tansey Summers-Lubar, PT
  • As always, great techniques... Therapeutic alliance will be my focus with all my patients.

    Nathan Firoux, PT
  • Evidence based, practical, engaging, enjoyable!

    Lori Leggett, PT
  • Very straight forward way of categorizing low back pain.

    Allyson Seviour, PT
  • Instead of trying to fit one hard model, Bahram admits that he does not know everything or why everything works.

    JR Marshall, PT
  • I am always pleased with APTEI courses.

    Karen Meyer, PT
  • Love it! Able to apply a lot of the treatments very quickly.

    Laurence Noel, PT
  • Excellent course. Integrating tools from different schools of thought.

    Max Folkersma, PT
  • I feel confident enough to perform 99% of the things learned.

    Isabella Pace, PT
  • Very clear explanations and useful techniques.

    An-Tchi Ta, PT
  • Very logical and dynamic presentation of the course material.

    Zhuo Wei Feng, PT
  • I loved the emphasis on function.

    Corry Feore, OT
  • A great balance of hands on and discussion.

    Tyler DiSimoni, PT
  • I truly enjoyed this course ...the casual atmosphere of the day.

    Aleksandra Nenadic, PT
  • Your passion for providing evidence-based strategies to physios has transformed my own career, thank you!

    Curt Scarlett, PT
  • I appreciate the relaxed, fun and informed teaching style.

    Sharon Walsh, PT
  • Persistent Pain is a great course that challenges the stereotypes.

    Carla Knuth, PT
  • Extremely knowledgeable and charismatic instructor.

    Heidi Sternthal, PT
  • Extremely knowledgeable and charismatic instructor.

    Heidi Sternthal, PT
  • Bahram does not believe in only Mulligan, McKenzie or only acupuncture, etc. APTEI courses are very holistic & immediately applicable.

    Richelle Weeks, PT
  • I always enjoy Bahram Jam’s courses and recommend them.

    Ashley Powers, PT
  • Very helpful & enthusiastic instructor.

    Derek Gorman, PT
  • Very practical ...makes all conflicting info make sense.

    Hillary Foster, PT
  • Thank you for simplifying concepts for physiotherapists.

    Stephanie Mourant, PT
  • Really enjoyed the balance between lecture & hands-on.

    Erica Linde, PT
  • The clinical relevance of the material taught was excellent.

    Dominic Gauvin, PT
  • The Advanced courses are the most helpful physio courses I have taken in my 13 yrs as a PT.

    Lori Leggett, PT
  • These are the most hands on & practical courses out there.

    Melanie Couturier, PT
  • This course has completely changed how I treat the shoulder.

    Patrick Richard, PT
  • I wished I had taken this Advanced Upper Extremity course a long time ago.

    Sylvie Roy, PT
  • Fantastic and realistic approach to diagnosing and treating the TMJ.

    Catherine Pakenlam, PT
  • I love the approach to simplifying a complex topic.

    Lauren Armstrong, PT
  • No time wasted on unnecessary or irrelevant information the point & well planned course.

    Tanya Singhal, PT
  • The Advanced Persistent Pain course has flipped my thinking.

    Lisa MacDonald, PT
  • Bahram is a wealth of knowledge and genuinely hopes that his students become better therapists.

    Jeff Webber, PT
  • The insights from this course greatly enhance my patient education.

    Steve Pollard, PT
  • These ideas are rocking the foundations of what I have learned in the past.

    Jyl Carmichael, PT
  • I always walk away feeling confident in what I have learned.

    Lisa Vandenberk, PT
  • Great energy with great clinical tips.

    Jeff Dill, PT
  • Finally a course that provides holistic solutions for persistent pain

    Kate Tweedie, PT
  • I feel armed with the excellent tools to help my clients with persistent pain.

    Brent MacAdam, PT
  • Amazing emphasis on the role of changing the experience and the emotional response to pain, instead of eliminating chronic pain.

    Pam Stephenson, PT
  • Bahram is engaging and teaches material you can immediately use.

    Chris Rose, PT
  • The persistent pain course gave me whole new appreciation to treatment of chronic pain.

    Janice Miller, PT
  • Always fun, educational, refreshing and “JAM” packed with exciting learning materials.

    Myriam Cormier-Arseneault, PT
  • Bahram’s energy is infectious and creates a great learning environment.

    Warren Mason, PT
  • Bahram is aware of optimizing adult learning.

    Thera Breau, PT
  • This course has made me a better practitioner.

    Cameron Bessey, PT
  • I would recommend this program to any PT looking to improve their assessment & treatments.

    Alex Kelly, PT
  • Implementation of simple manual therapy techniques and functional exercises with valid outcome measures.

    Mohammed Sharif, PT
  • So much value in a 4-day course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

    Lisa Dykeman, PT
  • Great course, covered lots of topics and very practical.

    Brenda Smith, PT
  • Couldn’t imagine a better way to start my continuing education studies.

    Samantha Scott, PT
  • Great job keeping us engaged and motivating us during 4 days.

    Angela Carragher, PT
  • Excellent comprehensive course with great teaching strategies.

    Marie Brien, PT
  • Very enthusiastic teacher, approachable and a comfortable learning environment.

    Kelly McLaren, PT
  • This is my 3rd Advanced program and I wish I had learned this stuff in University.

    Karen Wakefield, PT
  • Enjoy how realistic the treatments are i.e. Not need to feel exact levels.

    Jackie Ryder, PT
  • An excellent, knowledgeable instructor.

    Cheryl La Force, PT
  • I love the simple, evidence-based & practical hands-on approach.

    Jenn Neirinckx, PT
  • The cervico-thoracic course has helped me answer a lot of unanswered questions ...thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

    David Michael, PT
  • The Lumbo-pelvic Program was an EXCELLENT eye opening course.

    Giuseppe Galifi, PT
  • Dr. Bahram Jam combines EBP with experience to provide and teach best practice techniques.

    Javier Diaz, PT
  • A very beneficial course for my clinical practice and patient care.

    Navjot Sarao, PT
  • Clinically relevant, practical, concise and easy to understand.

    Danny Yin, PT
  • Truly the most useful courses I’ve taken.

    Giancarlo Brancati, PT
  • I have been a fan of APTEI courses for over 10 years.

    Manvir Purewal, PT
  • Bahram has so much evidence-based knowledge and compiles his honest opinion about the best way to combine them.

    Angie Travlos, PT
  • My practice/treatment will be better Monday morning because of the cervico-thoracic program.

    April Graham, PT
  • As always, clinically applicable, fun and practical.

    John Campbell, PT
  • The cervico-thoracic program is a fantastic course!

    Cassandra Travlos, PT
  • Packed with useful immediately applicable evidence-based treatment and assessment to improve clinical outcomes.

    Danny Yin, PT
  • Wonderful comprehensive Cervico-thoracic course!

    Natalie Riley, PT
  • The best part of Bahram’s course is always the passion and energy that he brings.

    Robert Heimbach, PT
  • Bahram makes the course material fun & practical.

    Gillian Tews, PT
  • I really appreciate the clinically relevant hands on techniques.

    Tori Etheridge, PT
  • I really appreciate the clinically relevant hands on techniques.

    Trevor Moizuni, PT
  • Informative & to the point to make appropriate treatment decisions.

    Yasha Rabbani, PT
  • To the point and functional. Looking forward to other courses!

    Julie Belliveau, PT
  • It’s functional and I understand it. I loved the course!

    Lisa Mayo, PT
  • Excellent combo of classroom & practical.

    Natalie Doucette, PT
  • I loved the Advanced upper extremity course.

    Piaf Des Rosiers, PT
  • Great energy! Very easy to implement into clinical practice.

    Mark Howard, PT
  • First time taking an APTEI course; practical & relevant.

    Tara Moore, PT
  • What a GREAT (Advanced Upper Extremity) course!

    Kristy Moore, PT
  • As a new grad I felt I lack in treatment techniques, this course provided me with several clinically relevant techniques.

    Lisa McCarthy, PT
  • I learned functional exercises that I can easily incorporate into practice.

    Jennifer Bursey, PT
  • Very practical & hands on!

    Joseph Yetman, PT
  • The course was informative & enjoyable as always.

    Magdalena Duspara, PT
  • Strongly recommend to PTs who want to learn new & advanced therapies.

    Venkata Patnala, PT
  • I feel confident I can make a difference in my patients’ lives.

    Patrick Dungao, PT
  • Amazing learning experience.

    Fenil Chauhan, PT
  • Bahram is extremely knowledgeable.

    Abhishek Sharma, PT
  • I had heard great things but to take an APTEI course live was a real treat.

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    Himani Tuteja, PT
  • I now feel more confident treating my patients.

    Reema Prajapati, PT
  • Makes learning easy, interesting & relevant.

    Candice Leyon, PT
  • Awesome course and very research based!

    Matthew Marchese, PT
  • You are by far my favourite instructor.

    Erica Dupuis, PT
  • Love how applicable all the course material is.

    Mira Jindani, PT
  • Really enjoyed the review "OSCE" at the end of the course.

    Corrie Okamura, PT
  • The Lumbo-pelvic course was fantastic and Bahram created an amazing learning environment.

    Kayla Clarke, PT
  • I know this course will improve y practice.

    Carli Bennett, PT
  • Changed the way I think about persistent pain patients.

    Lisa Goodgrove, PT
  • Love the global approach not influenced or biased by one way of thinking.

    Michael Ellis, PT
  • Perfectly evidence-based and really DYNAMIC!

    Samuel Coulombe, PT
  • Very entertaining and lively while very practical.

    Julie Hénault, PT
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    Marlee Held, PT
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  • A pleasure learning with Bahram Jam.

    Carolyn Bogusz, PT
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    Jodi Rapp, PT
  • Extremely applicable into ortho practice ...excellent course notes

    Robin Gaventa, PT
  • Amazingly patient-centered program.

    Sina Maftoon, PT
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    Marlee Held, PT
  • Wow! Thank you beaucoup for the new gained knowledge and confidence to treat persistent pain.

    Emilie Limage Couture, PT
  • The persistent pain course was excellent and filled with interventions that can be applied immediately.

    Layoma Gray, PT
  • Love how easily applicable all the treatment techniques are!

    Tansey Summers-Lubar, PT
  • Fantastic 4-day course and instantly applicable to my practice!

    Lisa Dykeman, PT
  • Easy to follow & not overwhelming. Really enjoyed the program.

    Leanne Carruthers, PT
  • Lots of repetition & lots of time to practice.

    Mairi Simonds, PT
  • Bahram takes difficult concepts and makes them easily treatable.

    Joseph Yetman, PT
  • Making complex issues and treatments simple focusing on function. 

    Julie Belliveau, PT
  • Not only are you empowering patients, you are also empowering PTs!

    Samantha Scott, PT
  • Very honest about what is supported in research and gives credit where credit is due.

    Allison Lerette, PT
  • Absolutely love your “no bull-shit” approach.

    Patrick Richard, PT
  • I feel a lot more motivated and encouraged to help treat my patients.

    Kaitlin Murphy, PT
  • The Cervico-thoracic course has changed my perspective on assessment & treatments as a clinician.

    Luke Dillman, PT
  • It is wonderful to attend a course and come away with practical information that you can apply to your practice RIGHT AWAY.

    Lisa Croft, PT
  • Really excited about the pain truth program.

    Madeline Saunders, PT
  • So many things we were taught in our PT career are now questionable, Merci!

    Martine Dionne, PT
  • Charismatic & enthusiastic with new perspectives and tools.

    Christian Arseneau, PT
  • Bahram’s passion and enthusiasm make his courses very enjoyable.

    Natasha Yuska, PT
  • The persistent pain course clarified the differences among Fibromyalgia, Central sensitization and Nociceptive pain.

    Kelsey Weir, PT
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    Vincent Hénault
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    Annie-Claude Morin, PT
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    Tracey McCauley, PT
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  • Thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend the lumbo-pelvic course. Psycho-social barriers and challenges to recovery were emphasized in an engaging manner.

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    Luke Dillman, PT
  • Really informative and was engaged throughout the whole lumbo-pelvic course... I definitely recommend it!

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    Samantha Scott, PT
  • No B.S. Simple & evidence based!

    Kiefer Theriault, PT
  • Very engaging, interesting & informative... a fun weekend.

    Emily Blacklaws, PT
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    Claire Lindsay, PT
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    Andrea Lowing, PT
  • The OSCE practical exam was a wonderful idea at the end of the course.

    Pavneet Bhinder, PT
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    Carly McLeod, PT
  • Appreciated how you catered to different learning styles (visual, practical, reading) & allowed time for repetition.

    Kylie McGhee, PT
  • Very good at bringing many methods (e.g. McKenzie, Mulligan, etc.) into one course- all the most important/clinically relevant ideas.

    Brandi Burton, PT
  • The course incorporated many different theories and brought it all together.

    Kara Bruschuk, PT
  • APTEI continuing education courses are one of the best approaches to help your patients.

    Joya Sohani, PT
  • Always presents research-based treatment approaches with captivating discussions.

    Kevin Choi, PT
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    Heather O’Brien, PT
  • I can use the techniques...VERY practical!

    Jenn Filaman, PT
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    Chris Les, PT
  • Very practical and the instructor taught in a fun way using uncomplicated exercises.

    Tolulope Olatunbosun, PT
  • As a new grad this course gave me an important shift in perspective to empower patients.

    Joshua Bowslaugh, PT
  • Immediately applicable and tangible information for all PTs (Experienced & brand new)

    Victoria Jelilyan, PT
  • The course was interactive, fun and complete despite the "pandemic" measures.

    Sabrina Fazal, PT
  • I renewed my APTEI report subscription in large part to be part of the Monday webinars, learning and sharing time together. Much gratitude to Bahram and to my colleagues that also zoom in.

    Shelley Goetze O’Connor, PT
  • A part of me is appalled at how this course challenged my professional training, yet a part of me is happy.

    Emilie Joly, PT
  • Very happy as I learn a lot from you.

    Hiral Chauhan, PT
  • Great fun and Bahram Jam is definitely a knowledgeable person.

    Jamil Aljallad, PT
  • The course was stimulating and clear to follow with great explanations.

    Sharon Walsh, PT
  • Thank you for keeping the content simple despite its complexity… you are a fountain of knowledge.

    Joanne Nolan, PT
  • Very valuable information, evidence-based and immediately applicable

    Jenna Mortimer, PT
  • Unlike many instructors, Bahram made the practical section easy to understand and to the point. He shared his valuable experiences generously. I would definitely recommend this course to others and looking forward to attending the next parts.

    Sobhan Sobhani, PT, PhD
  • Very knowledgeable teacher and excellent course material.

    Gabriel Rivard, PT
  • A great way to learn stuff and love taking APTEI courses.

    Eugenie Letourneau, PT
  • I love how you take all the good stuff from everything else and summarize them for us.

    Jordan Octeau, PT
  • The shoulder course will help make a positive impact on clients’ lives.

    Eva Applebaum, PT
  • As usual, Bahram was animated & fun to listen to with his no-nonsense approach.

    Carolyn Bogusz, PT
  • Amazing way of teaching. Very light-hearted but still very informative. I highly recommend the course.

    Arjun Rabadiya
  • Great course, it has changed the way I think about pain & its importance to rehab

    Srushti Mistry, PT
  • Amazing hands-on experience, very informative and clinically useful.

    Ayushi Mehra, PT
  • A non-threatening learning experience, thank you for your enthusiasm and passion when teaching!

    Landyn Quigley, PT
  • I loved the cervico-thoracic course and excited to try out my new skills.

    Vrunda Patel, PT
  • Excellent! The course has helped me improve my clinical skills and differential diagnosis.

    Asad Saeed, PT
  • This course made me rethink how I classify neck & T spine pain and now feel more empowered!

    Andrew Veley, PT
  • Every course I have taken has been backed up by research resulting in positive outcomes for my patients.

    Nirat Mann, PT
  • A great teaching approach with treatments based on function rather than on pathology.

    Andrew Veley, PT
  • Excellent blend of manual therapy, exercises, research & how to educate patients!

    Melissa Andrews, PT
  • The course simplifies a lot of complex problems in clinical practice to empower therapists to treat effectively.

    Tatiana Fisherman, PT
  • The APTEI diploma program cleared a lot of misconceptions and has definitely helped me to be a better physio.

    Drashti Chodvadiya, PT
  • Very interactive, engaging, easy to follow & clinically applicable.

    Stephanie Yick, PT
  • The APTEI course compiled a great variety of evidence-informed treatment techniques in an enjoyable & entertaining way. I feel invigorated to go back to the clinic tomorrow and empower my patients to MOVE!

    Jen Hutter, PT
  • Your enthusiasm is contagious! Thanks.

    Elizabeth Germain, PT
  • Always excited to take Bahram’s courses. Thank you for making it so easy.

    Roghieh Zadeh, PT
  • As always, practical, to the point and enjoyable.

    Nicole Naluzic, PT
  • Thanks for continuing to challenge the status quo and getting people to think critically.

    Eric Ellemo – PT
  • The lumbo-pelvic course was very engaging and informative. Simple but great!

    Stephanie Yick, PT
  • I am so much more confident in treating low back pain.

    Praveen Mandve, PT
  • Great course. Love how easy yet effective the exercise techniques are to apply in your day to day practice.

    Sheetal Jadhav, PT
  • A fantastic course that makes a really complicated topic understandable. Thank you Bahram for being honest about the limitations of manual therapy. This is physiotherapy at its best!

    Jen Hutter, PT
  • Thank you Bahram for making the educational experience so simple yet so wonderful.

    Ayushi Mehra, PT
  • Extremely valuable for learning practical manual therapy skills.

    Jen Hutter, PT
  • Very informative, treatment focused and can practice tomorrow.

    Kal Patel, PT
  • Always love the immediate practical application of what is learned.

    Sara Ward, PT
  • I learnt so many new clinically valuable concepts from this one weekend course. Thank you so much.

    Parisa Rahimi, PT
  • Great techniques to help patients with cervical & thoracic symptoms to implement in clinic tomorrow. Thank you.

    Meaghan Cosgrove, PT
  • I will for sure be sharing with my physio colleagues about how beneficial this APTEI course was.

    Piumika Fernando, PT
  • Bahram makes a complicated accessible & translatable into practice.

    Stacy Foote, PT
  • Bahram Jam is a force of nature armed with information to dispel myths & train others to do the same.

    Stefen Arezina, PT
  • I loved learning how to empower my patients to get better as opposed to them being dependent on passive treatments.

    Nicole Stokes, PT
  • I appreciate the functional approach and really enjoy learning effective treatment techniques in a stress-free environment.

    Robyn Davidson, PT
  • Our healthcare system needs a lot more of this pertinent, clinically relevant lumbo-pelvic course.

    Kevin Skayem, PT
  • Opened my eyes to a new approach when treating patients in my ortho practice.

    Julia Campanelli, PT
  • Love your energy & honesty.

    Urbano Ciccarelli, PT (Clinic owner)
  • I admire your sense of humor and ability to engage the class.

    Monica Trozzo, PT
  • I always enjoy Bahram’s courses; dynamic, direct to the point & fun!

    Roghieh Zadeh, PT
  • It’s a pleasure to have such a functional approach to patient care.

    Paulette Dewar, PT
  • I love the way Bahram corrects our hands on skills while we are practicing and performing them.

    Mayusha Parmar, PT
  • This course has changed my assessment & treatment approach not just for the lumbar spine but for the whole body.

    Varsha Wadekar, PT
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