APTEI Testimonial Video

2019 MOVE Poster

2018 Proud PTs with VOMIT posters

2018 Physionightout

APTEI Dip. Advanced Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy (AMPT) Examination: Toronto 2017

APTEI Symposium: Toronto

APTEI: Truro, NS

APTEI: Vancouver, BC 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal 2019

APTEI: Montreal QC 2019

APTEI: Montreal QC 2019

APTEI: Montreal Advanced Cervico-thoracic Program

APTEI Advanced Lower Extremity: Yellowknife, NT 2018

APTEI: Moncton, NB 2017

APTEI: Montreal, QC 2016

APTEI Lower Extremity Program: Toronto 2016

APTEI Course in Montreal 2013

Advanced Cervico-thoracic Program: Calgary, AB 2017

Brandon, MB 2020

Advanced Lower Extremity Program: Truro, NS 2017

Advanced Lumbo-pelvic Program Toronto 2015

APTEI programs focus on practical clinical application

aptei programs focus on applying evidence-based clinical skills

aptei programs focus on reliable and validated assessments skills

2017 Montreal, QC

Physiotherapists at APTEI Courses

Advanced Lumbo-pelvic Program Toronto 2012

Brushes with fame

APTEI Symposiums

Montreal 2018

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