A Highly Effective, Inexpensive and Compact Cervical Traction Unit

There is no good solid research study yet that proves cervical traction actually works!

Clinically, I have no doubt on the effectiveness of both manual and mechanical traction on some patients with acute or persistent cervical pain. I wouldn’t endorse a product unless I honestly believed it was clinically effective.

A number of case studies (37) have shown the PRONEX cervical traction device to be effective on patients with symptomatic degenerative joint disease at the cervical spine or disc irritations. The study is unpublished to date.

The PRONEX is a patient-controlled pneumatic traction that may be used at home or at the clinic.

Home Cervical traction units are a must for clinics or facilities that do not have an effective supine cervical traction unit and for PTs wishing to give their patients the potential benefits of daily home traction.

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Posted on: October 24, 2005

Categories: Cervical Spine

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