A Home-made Cervical Traction Unit


Things required:

1) A 1m piece of rope
2) A medium to large towel
3) A banister
4) The ability to tie knots

Fold a towel into 3 until it is approx. 15cm wide. Fold the towel again lengthwise in half and tie the rope around the ends to make a loop.

Tie the other end firmly to a banister (a door knob may break from the weight of the head).

Lie down on the floor place your head inside the ‘towel sling’. Your head will now be resting within the sling floating slightly and comfortably off the ground.

Now slide your body away from the banister until you feel a comfortable amount of traction.

The general guideline is to take it is easy with respect to the amount of pull and time spent on traction as overdoing it can often increase neck pain and nausea.

It is safe to begin with a slight pull for 7 minutes (have a stop watch at hand). Then increase the time by one minute each day to reach the ideal time of 15 minutes.

Posted on: December 20, 2013

Categories: Cervical Spine

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