I realize that there is nothing “new” about the concepts of tissue distraction and the use of cups; however, one must admit that when faced with ITB issues PTs are quick to manually compress it, “release” it using the forearm and/or the thumbs and afterwards recommend a foam roller to compress the heck out of it.


Consider an alternative and completely opposite approach to “releasing” the ITB. Instead of compressing it, use Silicone Cups to distract and lift off the ITB. While the ITB is lifted away, the patient is asked to actively flex and extend the knee and at the same time, the cup is moved along the length of the ITB (See video in the APTEI Video Library).

The theory is that both the gliding and the active movement may help release the interphase between the ITB and the underlying quadriceps muscle.

Although only anecdotal, typically after only 2 sessions using Tissue Distraction Release with movement (TDR-WM), ITB symptoms resolve and patients can throw away their foam rollers.


TDR Cups can be ordered from www.aptei.ca

View the short TDR videos in the APTEI “Video Library”

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