Address the Hip in those with Knee OA!

A clinical prediction rule to identify patients with knee OA and pain who are more likely to benefit from 2 sessions of hip a mobilization has been developed. The success rate increased from 68% to 97% if the patient presented with two (2) of the following variables (+LR= 12.9).

1) Hip / groin pain (Basically concurrent groin pain is good sign the hip should be addressed)

2) Anterior thigh pain (The hip joint also commonly refers to the anterior thigh)

3) Passive knee flexion <122� (Basically stiff knee flexion is good sign to mobilize the hip)

4) Passive hip medial rotation less than 17� (Always evaluate hip medial rotation then address it)

5)Pain with hip distraction test (Longitudinally traction the hip and note hip pain reproduction)

Posted on: March 27, 2010

Categories: Knee

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