An Effective Self-Wrist Mobilization

Reference:Choung SD et al Short-term effects of self-mobilization with a strap on pain and range of motion of the wrist joint in patients with dorsal wrist pain when weight bearing Man Ther. 2013 Jul 3.

Although I rely on various Mulligan wrist MWMs for helping my patients improve their pain and ROM, this recent study looked at the efficacy of a novel self-mobilization technique.

The effects of self-mobilization with a strap (SMWS) while weight bearing through the hand was studied on patients reporting of persistent dorsal wrist pain on weight-bearing.

They demonstrated that after only one week the self mobilization technique was beneficial in reducing dorsal wrist pain on weight-bearing and increasing wrist ROM.

The mid-point of the strap is placed across the proximal carpal bones, just below the distal end of the radius.

The patient is then instructed to passively extend the wrist by sitting up. The strap provides a volar glide of the proximal carpals the entire time.

At the onset of pain during the wrist extension, the patient then pulls the arm upwards, to distract the wrist joint space while maintaining volar gliding with the strap and maintain it for 10 seconds

The patient is instructed to repeat the technique 10 times with a 20 second rest period between each rep. The exercise is to be performed once per day.

Clinical Relevance: On your next patient with limited and painful wrist extension, consider teaching them this self-mob. As for the strap, I use the key lanyards sold in dollar stores.

Posted on: September 26, 2013

Categories: Wrist & Hand

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