Are Mobilizations With Movements Effective?

Reference:Vicenzino B, Buratowski S, Wright A 2001 A priliminary study of the initial hypoalgesic effect of a mobilization with movement treatment for lateral epicondylalgia. Proceedings of the 7th Scientific Conference of the IFOMT. The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia, November 6-10;pp 460-4

Brian Mulligan originally introduced the concept of mobilization with movement (MWM), and due to its effectiveness it has been gaining popularity amongst Physical Therapists internationally. But,?.. show me the research! 18 subjects with persistent Lateral Epicondylitis participated in a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study, to help determine the effectiveness of a MWM technique.

Study Conclusion: Painful grip strength improved significantly and DRAMATICALLY post-treatment using a lateral glide MWM technique, and did not improvement significantly following the placebo or control conditions.

Clinical Relevance: Patients suffering from ?tennis elbow? may greatly benefit from the mobilization techniques proposed by Brian Mulligan

Personal Comment:Note: For a brief description of the actual technique please see ?APTEI Report Spring 2001 issue? For info on the Mulligan Concept courses, contact Jack Miller at:

Posted on: February 21, 2002


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