Are More Expensive Foot Orthotics Really Better?

Reference:Reference: McCourt F 1990 To cast or not to cast? The comparative effectiveness of casted and non-casted orthoses. The Chiropodist 45(12): 239-243

This 1990 study used a small sample and compared the effectiveness of Orthotics made from a cast of the foot versus those that were not.

They found that there was NO SIGIFICANT DIFFERENCE in reducing symptoms between the group that received casted orthotics (the expensive kind) and those that received Orthotics not made from a cast.

Personal Comment:Although this is a controversial and debatable statement?clinically I have found that in most cases, the VASYLI heat-molded Custom Orthotics (that cost the patient approx. $60) can be just as effective as the casted orthotics (that cost $400-$500).

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Posted on: January 25, 2002

Categories: Foot & Ankle

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