Pelvic girdle pain (PGP) is quite common during and post pregnancy. There is however debates on the best clinical tools to identify sacroiliac joint (SIJ) sensitivity.

A test that I’ve relied on for over two decades is the Active SLR test. In summary, while supine lying, the patient is asked to actively raise one leg up. They are then asked to rate their pain in their SIJ region.

Then the leg is brought back down, but this time a manual compressive force is applied onto to the SIJ before the Active SLR is performed again. A reduction in pain during the manual compressive load may be indicative of SIJ sensitivity.

The most logical intervention, when a patient positively responds to the Active SLR test is to prescribe an SI belt.

This study showed that the SI belt significantly improved symptoms during the Active SLR test and concludes that, “SIJ belts are a safe, well-tolerated, and effective therapeutic option for pregnancy-related PGP.” and that, “SIJ belt leads to significant improvements in pain and function over time.”

A simple SI belt is available on for just $10. For larger patients a larger and firmer SI belt is required.

Reference: Fitzgerald CM, et al The impact of a sacroiliac joint belt on function and pain using the active straight leg raise in pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain. PM R. 2021 Mar 21.

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