Best Proprioceptive Training Options

Reference:Jensen JL, Marstrand PCD, Nielsen JB. Motor skill training and strength training are associated with different plastic changes in the central nervous system. J Appl Physiol 2005;99(4):1558e68

Luckily there are multiple options for us to enhance our patient’s body awareness and those include but not limited to


Specific mindful movements

Passive soft-tissue works

Manual therapies

Taping / bracing

Body scan meditation

Specific mindful movements include Yoga, Tai Chi, various martial arts or any form of movement that is performed with awareness.

The truth is any non-painful movement or sensory stimuli provided to the skin that is sensed with awareness can be considered a good potential proprioceptive training strategy.

Here is a quote from the paper, “exercises should preferably resemble functional activities of the specific body parts”.

However, some exercises may be better than others with respect to affecting the Homunculus.

Compared to usual strengthening, exercises that involve precise repositioning tasks have been shown to have a greater positive effect on cortical reorganization …so let’s focus on JPS!


Best Proprioceptive Training Options

Best Proprio
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