“Short-term pain-relief strategies may sometime be perceived by the brain as a REWARD for experiencing pain; the pain returns if the brain desperately craves a reward to escape some other aspect of life.” – B Jam, PT

I have an opinion that is bound to be controversial and it is regarding the management of most acute soft-tissue injuries. My strong opinion is to LEAVE MOST PAINFUL CONDITIONS ALONE!!!!

I realize that my statement will not be popular among the providers who offer their services to “treat” acute soft-tissue injuries, but I truly stand by my statement, which is to leave the body alone and allow it to do whatever it does in whatever timeframe it requires to heal.

We, as a society are obsessed with “quick fixes” and desperately search for “magic cures” to solve the unexpected discomforts we experience. Insurance companies, compensation boards and family members place pressures on us to recover as fast as possible.

I have a big problem with most “pain management” interventions as I believe that their inappropriate use and often their overuse are the leading causes of CHRONIC pain.

What are people constantly bombarded to do for their pain? Take medications for it, ice it, heat it, rub it, poke it, laser it, tingle it, put cream on it, crack it, stretch it, inject it, or whatever it. The point is that after an acute soft-tissue injury (that is not a red flag requiring emergency medical intervention), would it not be best if we simply did not do anything to “it”?

“The standard medical care for this type of pain (soft-tissue injuries) is probably making matters worse, is what the research suggests”

– Jeffrey Mogil – Neuroscientist, McGill University


So then is there value in PT interventions for soft-tissue injuries? You bet there is. Read my NEW book – As an APTEI Report subscriber, my book is free for you!

Here is also a LINK to a PowerPoint presentation version of this topic in case you wanted to learn more… but read the book first (email me if don’t have it).

Sincerely, Bahram Jam, PT

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