Prolonged static sitting is a frequent aggravating factor for individuals with spinal pain. The single best advice that we can give as a PT is to tell them that they must frequently interrupt static sitting, ideally at least every hour.

Cervical Spine

If a patient reports  neck pain related to prolonged sitting, keyboarding or the use of an iPad, they may also have become sensitized into neck flexion. Therefore, to desensitize the cervical spine, frequently interrupt the flexed posture and move it repeatedly into extension.

Although there are several other self-management options, I suggest first trying this one where the finger tips are placed at the cervico-thoracic (CT) junction and a cranial glide is applied by the fingertips over the spinous processes.

The neck is first retracted then actively taken into extension rhythmically 5-10 X, for every hour of uninterrupted sitting.

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