Excessive Running, Heart & Death

Reference:Kr�ger K, et al Carotid and peripheral atherosclerosis in male marathon runners. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2011 Jul;43(7):1142-7.

Micah True, the man behind the best selling book “Born to Run” sadly passed away a year ago at a relatively young age of 59.

It came as a shock that someone as fit as him, an ultra marathoner dies of cardiomyopathy ironically while out on a run.

We all know that cardiovascular exercises such as running is good for overall heart health and may prevent strokes, heart attacks, etc. However, is there a limit to how much one should exercise? It seems like the answer is yes.

They studied 100 presumably healthy avid male marathon runners (aged 50-75). Turns out that excessive running is not so good for the heart. They found that the prevalence of carotid and peripheral atherosclerosis in marathon runners was actually high!

Personal Comment: If my patients choose to run marathons, I support them …but I don?t actively endorse marathon running. Perhaps it’s because I don’t do it and think marathon running is insane!

…after all the first man who ever ran a marathon in Greece, passed away after his run.

Posted on: March 23, 2013

Categories: Relevant Physical Therapy Articles

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