Exercises Options for Scoliosis #2

Reference:Kirsner K & Colby L 1990 Therapeutic Exercise: Foundation and techniques. 2nd Ed.FA Davis, Philadelphia. pp.356-7

Although not proven in a study to date, a structured and supervised exercise program may be effective in controlling the progression of a scoliotic curve in adolescents.

To stretch the tight structures on the concave side (left):

Exercise #2:


  • Stabilize the iliac crests with the patient in the ?cat stretch? position
  • Have him/her place the knee on the concave side slightly further back than the other knee (left knee is slightly further back in this case)?this dramatically increases the effectiveness of the stretch!
  • In heel sitting, reach away from the side of the thoracic concavity
    Posted on: January 25, 2002

Categories: Thoracic Spine , Relevant Physical Therapy Articles

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