Five times Sit to Stand Test (FTSS) Test

Reference:Bohannon RW. Reference values for the five-repetition sit-to-stand test: a descriptive metaanalysis of data from elders. Percept Mot Skills 2006; 103(1):215-222.

The patient sits in a chair with arms folded across the chest. The patient is instructed, “I want you to stand up and sit down 5 times as quickly as you can when I say ‘Go’.”

Timing begins when the PT says, “Go” and stopped when the patient?s buttocks touch the chair on the fifth repetition.

Here are the guideline times based on age. If their time is greater than this, they can be considered to have worse than average performance …PT training in indicated!

60-69 y/o 11.4 sec
70-79 y/o 12.6 sec
80-89 y/o 14.8 sec

Over 2500 subjects aged 65 and older in an apparently good state of health were tested and it was discovered that if the individual took longer than 15 seconds to perform the FTSS test it predicted recurrent fallers.

Posted on: July 05, 2012

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