Four Lazy behaviours that peeve me off!

Pet Peeve #1: When people park in disabled parking spots.

Able-bodied people should park as far away from their destination as possible so they can walk their lazy assess for 1-2 minutes across a parking lot!

In fact I teach many of my patients to intentionally park far away, so they have an excuse to walk.


Pet Peeve #2: When people take the escalator and just stand there.

First of all if they have functioning legs, they should be taking the stairs.

If escalators are the only option, then they can at least walk up the escalator.

I encourage all my patients who are able, to take the stairs.


Pet Peeve #3: When people hit the automatic door opener.

The automatic door opener is specifically installed for those with disabilities.

Why are some able-bodied people so lazy that they cannot push or pull a door open? The most ironic thing is when it’s used by people going to gym to lift weights. I don’t buy the “germ” on doors argument, the button has “germs” too! You’re more likely to get ill from inactivity than from germs on doors.


Pet Peeve #4: People who get on moving sidewalks and just stand there.

Are you kidding me? It’s bad enough that they are too lazy to walk,

it’s pathetic when able-bodied people just stand on a moving side walk!


Confession: I sometimes use the larger washroom stalls designated for the disabled …when it’s an emergency!

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