Get back to work for your Health

Reference:Schuring M, et al The effect of re-employment on perceived health. A. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. 2011; 65(7):639-644.

We already know that unemployment causes poor health, and that poor health increases the probability of persistent unemployment.

This study looked at unemployed individuals receiving social security benefits who were capable of full-time employment and were referred to a re-employment training centre. Some were successfully re-employed while some were not!

Six months later, only the re-employed participants had significant improvements in their general health, physical functioning, mental health, and bodily pain.

Clinical Relevance: Inform your next unemployed patient that studies show that labour force participation is actually therapeutic …the benefits may be seen within 6 months.

Posted on: October 06, 2011

Categories: Relevant Physical Therapy Articles

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