Step #1: Place cabbage leaves on a cutting board (green or red) and cut out the hard stem.

Step #2: Hammer out the leaves with any kitchen utensil to gently bruise the leaves, in order to release some of the cabbage juices.

Step #3: Wrap the cabbage leaves in aluminum foil and place them in the oven for 5 minutes or so at a low temperature. Do not over-heat the leaves as they should be comfortably warm to touch.

Step #4: Layer the warm cabbage leaves around the knee or ankle joint until it is completely encased with the leaves.

Step #5: Hold the leaves in place by wrapping them with Saran wrap and then with a regular tensor bandage to help contain the warmth.

Step #6: Leave the cabbage leaves wrapped around the joint for at least one hour. If no skin sensitivity is noted the leaves can be left on overnight.

Step #7: Unwrap the cabbage leaves when cool and discard.

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Cabbage Leaf Wraps

Cabbage 2
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