If this study doesn't motivate exercising into our old age, I don't know what will!

Reference:Wroblewski AP et al Chronic exercise preserves lean muscle mass in masters athletes. Phys Sportsmed. 2011 Sep;39(3):172-8.

The common myth people have is that we all get weaker and frailer with aging and there?s nothing you can do about it.

This detailed MRI and muscle physiology study looked at older high-level recreational athletes (aged 40 to 81) who trained 4 to 5 times per week.

They basically found little change with aging with respect to muscle strength and muscle mass. As long as they remained active into their senior years, they maintained their muscle mass.

“This study contradicts the common observation that muscle mass and strength decline as a function of aging alone.”

The authors make the argument that the loss of muscle mass and weakness associated with getting older should not blamed on aging but instead blamed on inactivity!

The evidence is clear: those who continue to exercise into their 60’s, and 70’s, continue to remain lean and strong despite aging.

As PTs we must promote ongoing strengthening exercises to help reduce the risk of falls, loss of function and independence.

“You can’t out run aging, but the better shape you’re in, the longer it takes for your age to catch up to you”

Posted on: October 11, 2015

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