Call it chronic pain, persistent pain, fibromyalgia, or central sensitization; it is all awful to experience and constantly live with. It is quite common for my patients to start crying when we go through and discuss the following 5 statements (As seen on the homepage of

I hate my pain as it has ruined my life since I no longer fully enjoy life. …………….Agree  / Disagree

 My pain makes me feel down, sad and hopeless as it should be better by now. ……………..Agree  / Disagree

 My pain makes me feel worried and scared, thinking “If I am this bad now, what’s going to happen when I am older?”   …………….Agree  / Disagree

 I feel frustrated, because no matter what I do and how hard I try,

I can’t get rid of the pain ……………..Agree  / Disagree

 I sometimes feel that people aren’t taking my condition seriously enough. ……………….Agree  / Disagree


I also can’t think of anything more rewarding in my work as a physiotherapist when after just 6 weeks, the same person who once cried and agreed with these 5 statements now disagrees with the statements and is once again optimistic of their recovery.

To help these desperate individuals, I have written a play called “A Conversation with Pain”. Feel free to print it out or read it online.

If you are not sure how to begin the Pain Truth program, simply view this NEW Intro video that is meant for patients once they decide to move forward with the program.

All the information and all the patient education videos on are free to access.

I truly help that you will take the time to go through the site and see how you may help your patients who sadly agree with the above 5 statements.

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