LBP? Oblique Retraining??Use a PBU!! #2

Reference:Richardson C, Jull G, Hodges P, Hides J. 1999 Therapeutic Exercise for Spinal Segmental Stabilization in Low Back Pain, Scientific Basis and Clinical Approach. Churchill Livingstone.
Shirley Sahrmann, Level I: Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes. Course notes 2000.

Knee Fall Outs: Maintain a constant pressure at 50mmHg on the PBU. Then allow one knee to fall out and DO NOT allow the PBU dial to drop down below 50mmHg. Maintain the needle as steady as possible. Repeat 5-10X on each leg.

Great point: Nearly all patients enjoy monitoring themselves on the PBU. I often leave them alone for 5-10 minutes to do these exercises and when I return they ?show off? how the needle no longer drops.

Note: Although not as ?good?, one may of course simply use an appropriate sized blood pressure cuff instead of a PBU.

Posted on: February 21, 2002


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