Levator Scapula (LS) ?how C1-4 Position Effects Scapular Motion

Reference:(A Clinical Concept)

An excessive anterior resting head posture (Slouching) causes the C1-4 vertebrae to move anteriorly. This posture “pulls” on the superior angle of the scapula via the LS, potentially forcing the scapula into elevation, anterior tipping and downward rotation. � this may increase the risk of impingement

So what? Clinically I have found an effective way of “stretching” or reducing tone in the LS, by retraining the antagonist lower fibers of the serratus anterior. I also educate the patient on avoiding “falling into” a forward head posture, especially during arm elevation e.g. brushing hair, reaching a cupboard, serving in tennis

Posted on: February 12, 2002

Categories: Cervical Spine , Shoulder

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