My grandma never had a bicycle or a car growing up. She never even used public transit in the village where she lived. Guess what, she walked EVERYWHERE!

Even in Toronto, she was infamous for walking to a far away grocery store because they had a sale on tomatoes and egg plants or that she a store coupon. Not only would she walk there, she would walk back carrying bags of groceries.

This multi-center study followed over 1700 patients with or at risk of knee OA and concluded…

“Walking >6,000 steps/day provides a preliminary estimate of the level of walking activity to protect against developing functional limitation in people with or at risk of knee OA.”

Also each additional 1,000 steps/day was associated with a 16% reduction in functional limitation.

Reference: White DK et al Daily walking and the risk of incident functional limitation in knee osteoarthritis: an observational study. Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2014 Sep;66(9):1328-36.
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