Neck & Back Pain are Partially Genetic?

Reference:Nyman T, et al High heritability for concurrent low back and neck-shoulder pain: a study of twins. Spine . 2011 Oct 15;36(22)

This cross-sectional study analyzed the heritability of concurrent low back and neck pain in almost 3000 monozygotic twins in Sweden.

The study concludes that genetic effects can explain a whopping 60% of the total variance for concurrent low back and neck pain.

Clinical Relevance: Although this paper is fascinating, I’m honestly not sure how it will be clinically relevant to our practice. We certainly can?t simply throw our hands up in the air and tell patients,
“Sorry there?s nothing we can do for your back & neck pain, it’s mostly genetics …live with it …you should?ve chosen better parents!”

Posted on: December 15, 2011

Categories: Cervical Spine , Lumbar Spine

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