Oblique Retraining...Don?t Pelvic Tilt & use a PBU!


Many Physical Therapists prescribe pelvic tilts to their patients with ?low back pain?. The goal of the tilts is often to improve abdominal/oblique muscle contractions.

The Problem:

People can cheat with the pelvic tilts and not use their abdominal muscles at all! They often use their hamstrings and gluteals instead.

The Solution:

In crook lying, place a PBU in the lumbar lordosis and pump it to 40mmHg.

Ask the patient NOT to do a pelvic tilt, but to attempt to bring his/her ribs cage (infra-sternal angle & xiphoid process) towards their pubic bone.

While performing this subtle movement, the PBU should go from 40mmHg to 50mmHg.

Hold for 10seconds, breath naturally and repeat 10X.

If you are interested in a pressure biofeedback unit ($175), please visit the “Clinical Supply” section of this web site.

A COMPLIMENTARY instructional video on DNF retraining is also included with the PBU (limited number available). Note: These are a new brand of PBUs that have much sturdier dials and bags (2 bags included); they are of better quality and are even less expensive!

Posted on: October 30, 2002

Categories: Lumbar Spine

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