Outstanding evidence for the accuracy of MANUAL diagnosis!!

Reference:Jull G, Bogduk N, Marsland A (1988), The accuracy of manual diagnosis for cervical zygapophyseal joint pain syndromes Medical Journal of Australia Mar 7;148(5) 233-6

The ability of a manipulative therapist to diagnose symptomatic cervical Z joint syndromes was evaluated in a series of 20 patients

The blinded physiotherapist (G. Jull) identified correctly ALL 15 patients with proven symptomatic Z joints, and specified correctly the side and the segmental level of the symptomatic joint

None of the 5 patients with asymptomatic joints was misdiagnosed as having symptomatic zygapophyseal joints

Study Conclusion: Manual diagnosis by a trained manipulative therapist can be as accurate as radiologically-controlled diagnostic blocks in the diagnosis of cervical Z joint syndromes

Personal Comment:For those who doubt, this was a well-controlled research study that supports, spinal joint motion can be ‘felt’

Note: further research is needed to validate an inter-therapist reliability

Posted on: February 13, 2002

Categories: Cervical Spine

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