Pediatric Cervical Headaches

Reference:Budelmann K et al Is there a difference in head posture and cervical spine movement in children with and without pediatric headache? Eur J Pediatr. 2013 Oct;172(10):1349-56.

This Dutch study compared the posture and mobility of pediatric patients diagnosed with cervical headaches and compared them to an age matched group of asymptomatic active handball players (range of 6-12 years).

Basic results: Compared to the asymptomatic children, those with cervical headaches had?


  • Significantly reduced neck active ROM into flexion, extension and rotation
  • Significantly less flexion rotation test (FRT) ROM
  • Significantly more pain reported during and immediately after the FRTAverage pain reported during the FRT was 5/10 for the headache group and obviously zero for the asymptomatic group.

    Average FRT ROM was 35� for the headache group and 50� for the asymptomatic group.

    Conclusion: FRT may be a valuable clinical tool in identifying kids with cervical headaches.
    Posted on: December 22, 2014

    Categories: Headache/Vertigo , Cervical Spine

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