Physiotherapy Intervention?Highly effective during pregnancy!

Reference:Noren L, Ostgaard S, Nielsen T, Ostgaard H C (1997) Reduction of Sick Leave for Lumbar Back and Posterior Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy. Spine. 22(18):2157-2160.

In a 1997 Swedish study, 135 women were allocated randomly to either a control group (NO PT) or an intervention group (PT). The intervention group attended a maximum of 5 treatment sessions which included individualized education on anatomy, body posture, ergonomics, abdominal, pelvic floor and relaxation training

Study Conclusion: The number of days of sick leave during pregnancy in the intervention group was approximately half the number of days of sick leave in the control (No PT) group

Study Conclusion #2: The PT intervention program was also shown to be highly cost effective!!

Clinical Relevance: PT intervention during pregnancy has been shown to significantly reduce sick leave for lumbo-sacral pain

Personal Comment:Let’s take this research and utilise it for marketing our profession to the public and insurance companies…it took less than 5 treatments to reduce sick leave by half, and that’s impressive!

Posted on: February 13, 2002

Categories: SI & Pelvis

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