Shoulder Pain at Night...Ohh what to do?


Patients often tell me, “My shoulder pain wakes me up!” Sometimes it is because they are simply lying on the shoulder, other times it may be because they are unintentionally abducting, flexing or extending the shoulder and therefore irritating the gleno-humeral capsules, ligaments or the rotator cuff muscles over night.

Obviously just telling patients “keep your arm by your side during sleep” or “Try not to sleep on that shoulder”, will not work. Here are three possible suggestions.

1) Tie a scarf around the arm to prevent arm abduction.

2) Put one arm inside a shirt instead of the sleeve to prevent abduction.

3) Tape a water bottle plastic cap on the affected shoulder…(once a patient used a beer bottle cap and made himself bleed, so beer caps are not recommended!)

Posted on: July 02, 2010

Categories: Shoulder

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