Shoulder Taping Effective with MWMs

Reference:Teys P, Bisset L, Collins N, Coombes B, Vicenzino B. One-week time course of the effects of Mulligan’s Mobilisation with Movement and taping in painful shoulders. Man Ther. 2013 Oct;18(5):372-7.

Mulligan’s Mobilisation-with-Movement (MWM) for the shoulder has been shown to produce immediate improvements in pain and ROM.

This recent study investigated the effects of a single MWM technique with or without the addition of tape on 25 patients with shoulder pain.

The patients were selected based on their initial positive response to MWMs.

In a Nutshell: Both MWM alone and MWM plus Tape resulted in short term improvements in pain and ROM. However, compared to MWM alone, the patients receiving MWM plus Tape had significantly greater improvements in ROM at one-week follow-up (p < 0.001).

The Taping Technique

Prior to taping, have the patient:


  • Maintain cervical retraction
  • Set the scapula into posterior tipping
  • Visualize keeping the humeral head posteriorlyThe tape is applied anteriorly from the head of the humerus to posteriorly and diagonally past the scapula towards the thoracic spine. Make sure small wrinkles are made when applying the brown tape over the white tape.
    Posted on: December 01, 2013

    Categories: Shoulder

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