Sleep bruxism (SB) involves the involuntary clenching and/or grinding of teeth while asleep. SB is often a contributing factor to facial pain and various TMJ dysfunctions.

Occlusal splint has been the standard method of reducing the adverse effects of SB. However this study compared the efficacy of Kinesio taping (KT) in patients with (SB) and to determine whether KT may be an alternative for occlusal splint for the treatment of SB.

After 5 weeks, patients in both KT and the splint therapy interventions had significant improvements in mouth opening ROM, facial pain and masseter and temporal muscle tenderness.

Conclusion: Nightly KT taping is equally as effective as night occlusal splint, and may therefore be considered as an option for the temporary relief of myofascial facial pain related to sleep bruxism.

Reference: Keskinruzgar A Comparison of kinesio taping and occlusal splint in the management of myofascial pain in patients with sleep bruxism. J Back Musculoskelet Rehabil. 2019;32(1):1-6

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