STARmat: Active Reach Up Test

Reference:STARmat Manual & DVD

To evaluate the efficacy of shoulder treatments, clinicians require to continually monitor progression of patients with impingement syndrome, stiff shoulders, adhesive capsulitis, or individuals post surgery.

The most common method of measuring shoulder flexion ROM is by using a standard goniometer. However patients generally find measurements of height more understandable and more practical than goniometric measurements, therefore the STARpole may be used to evaluate functional active shoulder elevation referred to as the Active Reach Up test.

The patient stands on the back black footprints and the STARpole is positioned in the center of the STARmat.

The patient is to hold and grip the tape in the palm of one hand and reach up as far as possible but remaining perfectly vertical above the pole.

The test is repeated 3 times and the furthest distance reached up is considered the outcome. An asymmetry of 3cm or more between right and left may be considered clinically significant.

Clinical Scenario: A 60-year-old female with a 6-month history of right shoulder adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) presents with …

Shoulder Elevation
Left: 73cm
Right: 34cm

A goal is set to have the right shoulder measure 70cm and be symmetrical with the asymptomatic side.

Clinical Note: If following 4-6 sessions of mobilizations, strengthening and therapeutic interventions, right shoulder elevation remains unchanged (less than 10cm improvement), the diagnosis and treatments must be re-evaluated.

Posted on: May 05, 2013

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