Could it be that sometimes the PT approach further perpetuates the belief that the patient is the “VICTIM” and that the PT is the “RESCUER”? A patient with a self-perceived sense of victimhood eventually becomes dependent on a healthcare provider (the rescuer) for some sense of safety.

Is it possible that sometimes instead of actually helping patients, we may be further increasing their sense of POWERLESSNESS?

The fact is that problems such as physical pain are rarely solved from a VICTIM mindset. Even if the problem is resolved, it will most likely be temporary and will reoccur again and again. Sadly after repeated failed attempts to be rescued, a VICTIM may eventually just give up all hope and quit searching for any solutions.

Sadly, addiction is a common solution that long-time victims resort to as a means of at least temporarily numbing their pain. Any addiction is simply a mode of escaping physical or emotional pain. Addictions can come in a variety of forms… alcohol, drugs, work, social media, television, shopping, gambling, exercise, food, perfectionism, etc. Basically anything that offers an opportunity to temporarily escape the self.

When a person has a VICTIM mindset, the methods they use to temporarily escape their problem, more often than not, worsens or prolongs the actual problem and intensifies the suffering.

VICTIMS typically focus on what they DON’T want, whatever they fear or perceive to be the source of their problem. The irony is that a fearful reaction further fuels the pain one is attempting so hard to escape.

Try this hypothetical experiment, every morning upon waking up try to NOT think of a flying elephant. Do this throughout the day and seek help from many people to help you to NOT think of this flying elephant.

So what is the opposite of a VICTIM mindset? The opposite is… a CREATOR mindset!

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