Pain can sometimes feel like a battle you no longer wish to fight,

But the flame of life is still strong within – be brave, it is time to reignite.

Every day, my routine ended up the same.

Spent hidden beneath a blanket of fear and pain,

I hopelessly tried to find a new place to put the blame.

Forever stuck with a body I would not claim.


My pain crept into a new part of me each day.

It seemed to have kept my small life pleasures at bay.

Painkillers, therapists, nor doctors could bid my pain away.

How could my body do this and leave my ease astray?


I now recognize the power of my imagination.

Believing that my pain is endless is a strong temptation.

However, it is now my time to change this narration.

In order to diminish these negative sensations,I now recognize the power of my imagination

First is forgiving my brain for protecting me and changing my mindset.

Next is realizing that I am safe and there is no more need to fret.

Then being mindful; this is just the beginning of the quest.

Finally, with patience and pleasure in sight, my pain will be put to rest.

Written by: Kori Lives

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