Therapeutic Taping: Choosing Tapes


Is it not amazing how Kinesiotaping� has had such amazing popularity? ? and yet thus far only one (yes 1) RCT has been completed on this vastly marketed taping technique (which ironically failed to show benefit in neck pain).

Conversely?there are over 30 RCTs to date supporting therapeutic taping using the Leukotape P, (many of which I have written on) but they somehow mostly go unrecognized.

The truth is that all taping techniques can be effective on the appropriately selected patient. The clinical challenge is figuring out who will potentially benefit from what.

Personal Comment: I use the rigid brown Leukotape P for most of my patients needing acute symptom relief, stability or tissue unloading.

However, I use the elastic blue or red Leukotape K also known as Neuroproprioceptive� Taping on my patients who wish to do sports, as it stays on better during aggressive physical activity. I also use it on my paediatric and senior patients, as the elastic Leukotape K is much gentler on the skin?(and a little prettier for kids)!

Posted on: March 27, 2010

Categories: Modalities / Meds / Supplements

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