I have gradually become a real fan of the resisted loop bands and I would like to share with you sample exercise options using them.

Resisted loop bands may be purchased for $1 each from www.aptei.ca . I hand them out to patients like candy!

Option 1: Heavy Loop Band for the Hips

There is evidence to support hip abductor strengthening exercises for both hip and knee dysfunctions. This 3x3x3 gluteal strengthening exercise may be done using the heavy resistance loop band around the ankle.

The focus of this exercise is to SLOWLY control the eccentric phase of the contraction. The lunges must be performed with no pain or minimal discomfort.

Step #1: Antero-lateral lunges (i.e. 2 o’clock on the STARmat)

Step #2: Lateral lunges (i.e. 3 o’clock on the STARmat)

Step #3: Postero-lateral lunges (i.e. 4 o’clock on the STARmat)

Perform the 3 lunges with one leg, then with the other leg. I call this exercise 3x3x3 as it involves lunging into 3 direction, 3 reps and 3 sets and the whole routine takes only 3 minutes.

Option 2: Medium Loop Band for the Neck

 I must admit that this exercise is more comfortable when you have no hair …lucky me :o)

There is evidence to support cervical strengthening for individuals with persistent neck pain. The primary benefit of cervical strengthening does not appear to be from actual strength changes that may occur as a result of the exercises, but the benefits appear to be more associated with fear reduction and increased perception of improvement.

Option 3: Light Loop Band for the Shoulders

There is evidence to support lateral rotation strengthening of the shoulder for certain population of patients. Instead of the traditional method of gripping to hold the end of a theraband, the loop band may be placed on the dorsum of the hand.

Based on PNF principals, the co-activation of the wrist extensors during this exercise may help facilitate better contraction of the shoulder lateral rotators.

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