Validated Adhesive Capsulitis Test #1

Reference:Wolf EM, Cox WK. The external rotation test in the diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis. Orthopedics. 2010 May 12;33(5).

This was a relatively simple study that looked at 379 patients with atraumatic shoulder pain.

Among other physical exam tests, patients were asked to actively externally rotate their shoulder in 0� abduction (i.e. arm by side and elbow flexed 90�).

The test was considered +ve if pain was produced at the end range of external rotation.

Result: A diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis was made in 75% of external rotation +ve patients. The other 25% had a diagnosis of glenohumeral (GH) arthritis based on x-ray.

Conclusion: Patients with a history of atraumatic shoulder pain and a +ve external rotation test are likely to have adhesive capsulitis in the absence of GH arthritis.

…now you have a quick, simple and evidence-based test to immediately apply into your practice.

Posted on: March 22, 2012

Categories: Shoulder

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