What is Limbic System Mobilization?

Hypochondriac Neurosis / Hypochondroasis:
“A disorder characterized by extreme anxiety, depression, and an unrealistic interpretation of imagined physical symptoms as indications of a serious illness or disease despite rational medical evidence that no disorder is present.”

This London, UK study evaluated 161 patients with chronic pain and measured their levels of health anxiety compared to a control group.

Study conclusion:
“Conservative figures estimated a frequency of 37% for hypochondriasis and 51% of severe and disabling health anxiety in the chronic pain sample.”

So what can PTs do about this?
Ideally these patients should receive cognitive?behavioural therapy by a trained health care professional, however, the next best option is to have a PT who can provide “Limbic System Mobilizations”.

What is Limbic System Mobilization?
Appropriate patients with chronic pain require detailed assessment of dysfunctional attitudes and grim self-talk phrases. Do you know of patients who say, “this is my bad knee” or “I got a messed up degenerated neck.

As hocus-pocus as it sounds, tell the patients to from now on to refer to their knee as their “good” knee or their “good” neck and NEVER use negative adjectives to describe themselves!

As health care providers we must do our best to reverse those poor beliefs and attitudes by using our posture, facial expression and tone of voice to promote confidence in our treatment and improve outcomes.

Posted on: September 04, 2008

Categories: Fascinating Pain Studies

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