What is the Mulligan Traction Straight Leg Raise Technique?

Reference:Mulligan B 1999 Manual Therapy NAGS,SNAGS, MWMS etc., 4th Edn. Hutcheson Bowman & Stewart Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand

Firstly, the patient should ideally have at least 40� of SLR with symptoms only above the knee.

The PT grasps the leg and applies a traction force while performing the SLR movement as far as it will go JUST SHORT OF THE EDGE OF PAIN or stretch sensation (Not further!).

Amazingly, the pain often disappears with slight lateral rotation, abduction or adduction of the hip, which allows you to go higher into SLR. It is crucial to maintain the traction force the ENTIRE time.

Repeat the process 3-10 times within the pain free range. If symptoms increase or peripheralize, obviously discontinue the technique.

Personal Comment:This and several other highly effective interventions for neural tissue sensitization are clearly reviewed in the APTEI self-study “Lumbar Neural Tissue Pathodynamics” program.

Posted on: July 19, 2006


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