STARmat Full Package (Incl. wall target and laser set)


Please view the STARmat assembly video

NOTE: The pole no longer includes a timer or a retractable measuring tape on top of the pole



The goal of STARmat is to provide PTs with a number of reliable and validated outcome measures that can easily be used in a typical busy clinical practice.

This unique outcome measure device includes the STARmat anti-slip mat, the STARpole, wall target, laser set for joint position sense testing and + videos links available upon purchase ) . The package includes …

STARmat anti-slip mat (1.5m diameter, blue in colour)

Wall Target (1.2m diameter, blue in colour)

Laser set (ONE Laser, head strap, wrist clip)

STAR measuring pole

Retractable measuring tape

Stick-on wall measuring tape (for easy shoulder ROM evaluation)

STARmat promises to be one of the most frequently used clinical tools by clinicians who wish to objectively evaluate their patients’ progress and more confidently evaluate their risk of re-injury, then prescribe functional exercises.

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