"Free the Bird" Neural Mobilization

Reference:Butler DS. The Neurodynamic Techniques. 2005 Noigroup Publications, Australia Pty Ltd

This is one of my favourite exercises (a la David Butler) to prescribe as it usually brings a smile to my patients’ faces.

Step #1: Pretend you are holding and looking down at a little bird in your cupped hand.

Step#2: Reach out now and abduct your shoulder. Extend the elbow and free the bird by opening your fingers, extending your wrist and turning your neck to see the bird fly away.

Free the bird about 5-7 times at first only twice a day to ensure no flare-ups occur.

Important: Peripheralization or reproduction of pain is contra-indicated during the exercise.

Personal Comment: The self neural mobilizations may look a little similar to various Tai Chi maneuver which are likely to be just as effective.

Posted on: October 06, 2012

Categories: Cervical Spine

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