RCT Supports Cervical Neural Mobs

Reference:Nee RJ, et al Neural tissue management provides immediate clinically relevant benefits without harmful effects for patients with nerve-related neck and arm pain: a randomised trial. J Physiother. 2012;58(1):23-31.

What are the benefits and harms of neural tissue management in the short term for treating nerve-related neck and arm pain?

This Australian study involved patients with non-traumatic cervical neural tissue mechano-sensitivity and unilateral arm pain.

The patients were randomized to either the control group where they were told to continue with activities of daily living as tolerated, or the PT treatment group where they also received education, manual therapy, and nerve gliding exercises twice a week for only 2 weeks.

Conclusion: The outcomes evaluated all favoured the neural mobilization group showing improvements in neck pain, arm pain and functional scores.

Interestingly, some patients in both groups were found to be worse …20% of the patients in the control group, compared to 13% of the patients in the PT group (not statistically significant).

Clinical Relevance: Treatment of the neural system, (such as ‘free the bird’ exercises), may provide greater benefits to patients than just advice to stay active. What is ‘free the bird’? Look it up in the next APTEI Clinical Library.

Posted on: October 06, 2012

Categories: Cervical Spine

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