A Rare study on the Cervico-thoracic Junction!

Reference:Simon S et al CT imaging techniques for describing motions of the cervicothoracic junction and cervical spine during flexion, extension, and cervical traction. Spine.2006 Jan 1;31(1):44-50.

Compared to the rest of the cervical spine, the biomechanics of the cervico-thoracic junction (CTJ) has not been studied. This is because it is difficult to image that region of the c-spine given the anatomy of the surrounding bones obstructing CTJ visualization.

Essentially, this 2006 study involved Computerized tomographic of human cadavers undergoing traction and flexion-extension bending.

Study Conclusion: I am hoping the results don’t come as a shock to you, but they basically concluded that the CTJ was much stiffer than the rest of the cervical spine!

Posted on: May 03, 2007

Categories: Cervical Spine , Thoracic Spine

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