Achilles Tendon Taping

Reference:Mulligan 1999 Manual Therapy Nags, Snags, MWMS etc. 4th Ed. Plane View Services Ltd. Wellington, NZ

Achilles Tendonitis??
Try Taping it!

This taping technique can be quite effective on some patients with Achilles tendonitis who present with pain and tenderness on the medial side of their tendon.

Look at your next patient with pronated feet and notice if their Calcaneus is in valgus / eversion in weight bearing.

When the Achilles tendon is looked at from behind, at times you may notice a convexity on the medial aspect and a concavity on the lateral aspect of the tendon. This factor may make the medial side of the tendon more vulnerable to injury and strain.

This technique helps ?pull? the tendon laterally.

The taping technique taught by Brian Mulligan helps lessen the convexity of the tendon medially. This may help temporarily unload the tendon and facilitate recovery from Achilles tendonitis.

Personal Comment:This and many other techniques are clearly reviewed in the APTEI Foot & Ankle Complex Video/Book Program

Posted on: September 25, 2002

Categories: Foot & Ankle , Modalities / Meds / Supplements

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