Taping Concepts

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Important Facts Regarding Taping

1) A Physical Therapist must always receive a verbal consent from the patient, prior to the application of the tape.

2) The patient may be asked the following questions to minimize the risk of skin irritation due to the tape Are you allergic to tape?

Does your skin get irritated when you put a Band-Aid on?

Do you know if you have extra sensitive skin?

3) If the answer is ?yes? to any of the above questions it may be wise to apply only a small ?test patch? first and re-assess the effects of the ?test patch? on the skin at the next treatment session.

4) A non-stretch tape must be used for optimum results (i.e Leukotape). Usually a hypo-allergic tape is applied underneath the rigid tape (i.e. Dumex Ultrafix) to minimize the potential risk of skin irritation related to taping.

5) If indicated, the area to be taped requires to be shaved, as hair will limit the effectiveness of taping.

6) Depending on the exact type of tape used, the patient can be instructed that the tape may be left on for up to one week, however the average time is 2-3 days.

7) Patients may be assured that the tape does not come off with showering.

8) Patients must be informed that if they feel the tape is aggravating their symptoms, it should be immediately removed. The tape is to be left on ONLY if it ?feels good?.

9) Patients must be informed if they feel ?itchy? or feel any kind of skin ?irritation?, to remove the tape.

10) Explain to the patient clearly that the tape is not a cure or a substitution for exercising. The tape is however like training wheels on a bicycle and will be discontinued once muscular control is regained.

11) The tape is likely to loosen if the patient performs vigorous activities.

12) To get the most durability out of the tape, after applying the Ultrafix, firmly rub the surface area; especially the edges to ensure the corners don?t get loose with time.

13) Taping effectiveness may be improved if the skin is slightly ?wrinkled up? while applying the ?Brown Tape? (NOT when applying the ?White Tape?). This is referred to as ?soft-tissue unloading?.

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Posted on: September 24, 2002

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