Active Hamstring Stretching Options


Based on the previous page, you may think that I’m this “anti-stretching” guy…but that?s not true as I religiously do my morning active stretches.

Here is a sample of my active hamstring, adductors and hip flexor stretch ?which is also as a bonus a great core stabilization, muscle proprioception and balance training exercise.

Stand on one leg (as if you are standing in the centre of the diagram). Kick and swing the hip 3 times back and forth in the 4 different planes, as if kicking a soccer ball. Swing through into as much range as possible, but of course always short of pain.


  • Plane 1: Lateral to medial
  • Plane 2: Antero-medial to postero-lateral
  • Plane 3: Anterior to Posterior
  • Plane 4: Antero-lateral to Postero-medialNote #1: If balance is an issue, you may on the side lightly hold a banister or the back of a chair.

    Note #2: I cannot think of a more effective yet simple method of firing the proprioceptors of my hamstrings, adductors and hip joint …after all, is ‘waking up’ the proprioceptors not the best way of preventing injury?

    Note#3: Give this active stretch to your next patient post hamstring or adductor strain!
    Posted on: July 05, 2011

    Categories: Hip , Knee , Relevant Physical Therapy Articles

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