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A subject that is almost too taboo to discuss… “addiction”. I am hoping that through music, the message can be spread that we all must STOP stigmatizing those dealing with mental health issues and addiction.

“We don’t judge people for having cancer, heart disease or arthritis; people with addiction deserve the same compassion. Please support greater government funding for non-pharmacological mental health care.” – B Jam

I believe that one day we will have studies supporting a potentially controversial concept that pain itself can be addictive. You may be asking, “Seriously Bahram? How can something as awful as pain be addictive?”

Think of a smoker and how their brain will do things to entice them to place a cigarette inside their mouth. I don’t smoke, but I’ve heard from smokers that nicotine makes them feel calm and relaxed. Once addicted, the brain will support its craving through “falsely” producing a sense of discomfort or distress in order to motivate the person to take action and smoke; even if they have no real external reason for being stressed at that moment.

Perhaps pain-killers or any passive interventions that “feel good” (including PT) may actually be unintentionally perpetuating pain addiction and increasing the risk of chronicity.

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