Let’s assume that you ideally would like to be able to walk briskly for one hour, but as of now you can only tolerate 10 minutes of slow walking before needing to rest or sit down.

If I asked you, “What is your current level of satisfaction with your ability to walk?”; you may say “I’m only at 20% satisfaction”.

That would logically make sense, but sadly that kind of thinking is a hindrance to recovery. If you feel dissatisfied with your ability to do something that you normally enjoy such as walking, it will inevitably bring you a sense of self-disappointment, a sense of failure, a sense that you should be better than whom you are today.

These feelings and emotions don’t help us improve in whatever we desire to do. The feelings of constant dissatisfaction just leave us feeling like giving up, and repeatedly asking ourselves, “What’s the point?”.

It will then take a lot of will power to re-attempt that activity as you may dread doing it, since you’re not satisfied with your current ability to do it, you’re unlikely to truly savour and enjoy doing the activity.

That sense of dissatisfaction will inevitably produce a stressful physiological response which will increase pain sensitivity, fatigue and paradoxically further limit us from progressing.

Despite what Mick Jagger says, you can get satisfaction, but you need to intentionally decide to in advance. To learn how, please view my new video on this exact topic!

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